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Attack On Titan Chronicles 2020
Rating 7.70
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Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

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Attack on Titan: Chronicle, 進撃の巨人 〜クロニクル〜
Status: Completed Network: , Studio: Released: 2020 Duration: 2 hr. Season: Country: Type: Movie Fansub: anime1st Censor: Censored Director: , Posted by: bot anime Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

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Attack On Titan Chronicles 2020

Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020 (   進撃の巨人 Chronicle, Shingeki no Kyojin Chronicle) is the series’ fourth recap movie, retelling the first three seasons of the Attack on Titan series based on the manga by Hajime Isayama. The compilation film does recap the anime’s 59 episodes from seasons one to three.

NOTE: A recap of the popular anime series Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) from seasons 1-3.

Before Watching Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020, here is the storyline:

Season One Attack on Titan:

Audiences have been gripped right from that first Colossal Titan attack in the Shinganshina District, where the Smiling Titan ate Eren’s mother. After joining the Cadet Corps, Eren’s first battle is undeniably disastrous since he gets eaten by the Bearded Titan.

But when he lands in the Titans stomach he’s enraged at the carnage the monsters have caused, ultimately transforming into one himself and bursting out of the Bearded Titan to slaughter the attacking monsters.

Eren, Armin, and Mikasa all wind up joining the Scout Regiment under Levi Ackerman and Erwin Smith. But a new enemy emerges when the two pet Titans Hange Zoȅ was experimenting on are mysteriously murdered by someone using Omni-directional gear.

It’s later revealed that Annie is the devastating Female Titan, and uses a bladed ring to reveal herself when Erwin and Armin confront her. After remembering all the pain the Titans have caused, Eren fights her in his monstrous form and savagely beats her while causing absolute chaos in the Stohess District.

Before he can eat Annie, she crystalizes herself and is locked away by the Scout Regiment. The first season ends with a truly shocking revelation that there are Titans buried inside Wall Sina.

Season Two Attack on Titan: 

With the mystery of the Wall Titans looming over the heroes and the introduction of fascinating new characters, Attack on Titan’s second season undeniably upped the action. After the introduction of the Beast Titan and the devastation it can cause, the series delves into the political history of the world through Christa Lenz.

A flashback reveals Christa’s real name is Historia Reiss and she’s the illegitimate child of Rod Reiss, the King of Eldia.

During the shocking sixth episode, Reiner breaks down in exhaustion and reveals to Eren that he’s the Armoured Titan and Bertholdt is the terrifying Colossal Titan that kick-started this whole saga for the audience.

As the Scouts fight, Titans being thrown by Reiner’s Armoured Titan, Eren winds up facing the Smiling Titan that ate his mother way back at the beginning of the series. In his anger, he unlocks a mysterious ability called the Founding Titan, allowing Eren to control any and all Titans. He uses it on those nearby and forces them to eat the Smiling Titan.

That’s definitely one way to get revenge. The second season ends with the Beast Titan on Wall Maria while a mysterious blonde man says “Not just yet.” Oh, the suspense!

Season Three Attack on Titan:

The first half of the third season sees Commander Erwin and Squad Levi try to overthrow the corrupt royal Government headed by Rod Reiss since Historia is the rightful heir to the throne. Meanwhile, Eren learns the shocking truth about his father, Grisha is the one who turned him into a Titan in his home basement and a buried memory reveals Eren quickly ate his father after that first transformation.

The Beast Titan is dramatically revealed to be Zeke Jaeger, Eren’s half-brother – who claims to be a victim of their father, Grisha. He’s trying to capture Eren so Marley has the Coordinate power to control Titans. Is this the most shocking familial reveal since Darth Vader?

Possibly. During the same battle to take back the Shinganshina District, Armin distracts Bernholdt’s Colossal Titan so Eren can sneakily rip the villain out of his monstrous form. It comes at a price as Armin’s burnt alive and close to death. But after he’s revived using a serum of Titan spinal fluid, Armin shifts into a Titan and eats a limbless Bertholdt. Meaning he now holds the power to turn into the Colossal Titan.

It’s also explained through flashbacks that the technologically advanced nation of Marley is the true villain of the entire series, unleashing the Titans on Paradis Island in revenge for being oppressed by the Eldian Empire.

Meanwhile, the first Reiss King controlled millions of Colossal Titans with the Founding Titan power, building the walls on Paradis Island. He vowed to flatten the Earth with the Colossal Titans if the island was ever attacked… But he never actually intended to use them.

It all culminates in a bittersweet ending as the Survey Corps go on another expedition and find themselves standing at a beautiful ocean. It’s undermined by the realization that the war against Marley has only just begun.

Attack On Titan Chronicles 2020

Interesting Facts about Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

  1. The name Eren is of cultural ethnic Turkish origin. Its exact meaning and description are “He who progresses/has reached towards divine maturity and sacred wisdom”. It can also be interpreted as a “saint” or “holy person”.
  2. The manga artist, Hajime Isayama, got the idea for the Titans when he encountered a drunk customer at a coffee shop he worked in. He was inspired by the inability to communicate and realized the most dangerous thing was the human race.
  3. In the anime, the character, Hange Zoe, is voiced by a woman. However, in the manga, Hange’s gender is unknown to the reader. This is because the writer, Hajime Isayama, felt that Hange’s gender didn’t matter to the storyline and left it up to the reader to decide.
  4. The Attack on Titan manga sold over 8 million copies in 2014 dethroning One Piece for the top-selling Japanese manga of that year.

SPOILERS Interesting Facts about Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

  1. Armin’s Colossal Titan Does Not Have Ears because he does not want to hear the screams of people dying.
  2. Ymir gets her name by pretending to be a Mythical figurehead That was known to be the First Titan Shifter. This Name comes from a Creature in Norse Mythology, Who is Said to be “The Father of all Giants” Foreshadowing Ymir’s Transformation into a Titan in Season 2.
  3. While asleep, Annie can often be heard making noises such as “woosh”. That is because she dreams about her early toddler days in Marley, where she would practice her kicks on trees.
  4. The Beast Titan is currently the strongest titan, much stronger than the Armored Titan, as seen when Reiner Braun challenges to a duel
  5. Reiner Braun’s titan form is based on the body of former UFC heavyweight champion and professional wrestler Brock Lesnar.

Watch 16 Secret Things You Might Missed in Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

Characters of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020  in Order of Appearance:

  1. Eren Jaeger/Attack Titan
  2. Bertholdt Hoover/Colossal Titan
  3. Armin Arlelt
  4. Mikasa Ackermann
  5. Carla Jaeger
  6. Hannes
  7. Dina Fritz
  8. Reiner Braun/Armored Titan
  9. Hugo
  10. Grisha Jaeger/Attack Titan (flashback)
  11. Keith Sadies
  12. Annie Leonhart/Female Titan
  13. Jean Kirschtein
  14. Marco Bodt
  15. Conny Springer
  16. Sasha Braus
  17. Historia Reiss
  18. Samuel Linke-Jackson
  19. Mina Carolina
  20. Nack Tierce
  21. Thomas Wagner
  22. Milieus Zeremski
  23. Comrade D
  24. Mikasa’s father
  25. Mikasa’s mother
  26. Bandits
  27. Kitz Woermann
  28. Ian Dietrich
  29. Rico Brzenska
  30. Dot Pyxis
  31. Gustav
  32. Anka Rheinberger
  33. Mitabi Jarnach
  34. Levi Ackermann
  35. Erwin Smith
  36. Petra Rall
  37. Oruo Bozad
  38. Eld Gin
  39. Gunther Schultz
  40. Moblit Berner
  41. Hange Zoë
  42. Sawney
  43. Beane
  44. Waltz
  45. Nile Dawk
  46. Mr. Leonhart (flashback)
  47. Nick
  48. Miche Zacharius
  49. Zeke Jaeger/Beast Titan
  50. Ms. Springer

And many more…Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

Deaths in Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

  1. Carla Jaeger
  2. Frieda Reiss
  3. Dirk Reiss
  4. Abel Reiss
  5. Florian Reiss
  6. Rod’s wife
  7. Ulklin Reiss
  8. Grisha Jaeger
  9. Thomas Wagner
  10. Nack Tierce
  11. Milieus Zeremski
  12. Mina Carolina
  13. Comrade D
  14. Mitabi Jarnach
  15. Ian Dietrich
  16. Marco Bodt
  17. Sawney
  18. Beane
  19. Gunther Schultz
  20. Eld Gin
  21. Petra Rall
  22. Oruo Bozad
  23. Miche Zacharius
  24. Nanaba
  25. Gelgar
  26. Mr. Springer
  27. Nifa
  28. Abel
  29. Keiji
  30. Caven
  31. Rod Reiss
  32. Kenny Ackermann
  33. Marlo Freudenberg
  34. Gordon
  35. Sandra
  36. Erwin Smith

Quotes from Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

Reviews of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020:

1. Reviews of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

Dec 4, 2020
Watch Anime Online for Free in English Subtitles - Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020
DrowzyFrog (All reviews)

One of the best recaps I’ve watched and it does the job well for condensing over fifty episodes into a two-hour movie. It has an excellent soundtrack, beautiful visuals (of course), and I thoroughly enjoyed every bit and scene.

I think the pacing for revisiting the whole political side of the show really helped clear up much of the confusion I felt

Also, despite what some people have said, this is not meant to be a Movie that will catch a new viewer up to the series or explain every detail again. This is purely a recap to help jog viewers memories and should be seen only as a recap 🙂 ‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎‎2. Reviews of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

Aug 16, 2020
Watch Anime Online for Free in English Subtitles - Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020
TitanGotRekt (All reviews)

The movie is a RECAP of the whole show up to the last episode of s3pt2. I repeat it’s a recap meant to refresh the important events of the story.

This movie’s goal wasn’t to present AoT in a different way rather it was to convey what already happened in a summarised way and it did well in that aspect.

So, if you are a fan waiting for s4 and have a problem remembering some key moments of the story, this movie is for you. Again, I repeat, the purpose of this movie wasn’t meant for enjoyment.

Therefore, Only watch if you wanna remember the key points of the story up to season 3 part 2. Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

3. Reviews of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

January 2021
Overall Rating:  6/10

A disjointed but useful recap before season 4 only if you don’t have time for a rewatch

This should just be watched as a refresher if you’ve forgotten a lot of what happened when you first watched the show and need to rewatch the key events for a better understanding.

Don’t watch this if you haven’t watched the anime series, it skips all the fights and clumps parts of important scenes in a sequence like an info dump with no sense of cohesion for a normal movie.

It isn’t really enjoyable to watch as it doesn’t show any sequence of events properly and is just trying to jog your memory on every important scene that took place.

The pacing of the anime is near perfect besides the female titan arc so the animes are the ONLY way to experience the story. This movie just saves people from searching “attack on titan recap season 1/2/3 on youtube”

4. Reviews of Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

17 December 2019
Overall Rating: 10/10

Before I started watching this show, I couldn’t imagine why it is rated so high. After I finished the first season, I understood. And now, having watched the third season I don’t understand, why it isn’t rated even higher!

Truly a masterpiece, and deserves to be mentioned on the same page as other fantasy war epics like Lord of the Rings and Game of Thrones. (I dare to say this is even better than those two.) There are countless twists and turns, shocking revelations and heartbreaking moments throughout the series, spiced with great voice acting, beautiful visuals, and on top of all: a more than perfect, stunning soundtrack, thanks to Hiroyuki Sawano.

The story is brilliantly written and does not slow down, not even for a bit. It keeps growing bigger and bigger, while you will find yourself tied to your chair, as you can’t watch only one or two episodes. Behind the plot and the action, there is also deeper meaning about war, humanity, and questions about moral dilemmas.

Thought-provoking, exciting, and most of all a masterpiece of our time! Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020

Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020 

Fan Theory About The Story Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020: Why did Dina Fritz eat Eren’s mom in Attack on Titan?

In contrast to some people’s opinions, I believe that this event wasn’t a coincidence.

We know that Dina Fritz and Carla Yaeger were both the wives of Grisha, however, the obviously no reason that Dina would be attracted to Carla at all. Right?

Well, yeah you’re right, but there is another factor to consider. Dina was seen to be waiting outside the walls, even before the Marleyan Shifters had arrived, supposedly drawn to the walls, which is not unique considering how many titans do this, but I have a theory.

Considering how most, if not all pure Titans, such as Dina, are Marleyan, they would be very knowledgeable about the habits and science of titans, are at least somewhat aware. The Eldians in the Marleyan Internment camps are specifically kept there to become titans after all. So what if they knew eating shifters returned you to a human form?

My theory about Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020 is, that whatever you believe in, your desires, priorities, and beliefs, stay with you throughout your Titan life. Since the Titans knew of the way to reverse the Titan transformation as humans, would it be too much of a stretch to consider that they ate humans in order to at least get a chance to become human again, to at least give themselves a chance to eat a shifter?

More evidence of this is an OVA where a Scout was confronted by a titan who could talk and prayed to her as though she was Ymir, the supposed Goddess, and Founder of all Titans and Eldians.

The idea behind it is that the person had been a very devout worshipper of Ymir, and a Restorationist, and thought the girl was Ymir, as she very much resembled her in appearance. It does show us that Titans may retain some semblance of their former self.

So back to the question. Here’s something for you to think about; what if Dina, being such a loving wife, was drawn to Grisha’s ‘path’. This is another idea, an abstract concept, where all Eldians are linked in some way, by some paths.

We see that in Rod Reiss’s titan perspective, that the nearest city had been glowing, which I interpreted as the Titans being able to somewhat perceive, and be drawn to, the presence of paths.

If Dina was able to be drawn to where Grisha had frequented, as Grisha had been within the walls not too long before, it would increase our chances of her eating Carla. An even more extreme idea is that she drew nearer to Eren’s blood, of course, half his genetic information being from his Dad.

So conclusion? I believe that Dina was drawn to Grisha, and by extension Eren, due to their familial links, desires, and paths, which may seem far-fetched, but Attack on Titan was never that simple.

Gallery Attack on Titan Chronicle 2020


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