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My Senpai is Annoying
Rating 7.86
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My Senpai is Annoying 2021

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My Senpai is Annoying, 先輩がうざい後輩の話
Status: Completed Network: Studio: Released: 2021 Duration: 23 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 12 Fansub: anime1st Censor: Uncensored Director: Posted by: bot anime Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis My Senpai is Annoying 2021

Futuaba Igarashi is a spirited, hard-working, but tiny office worker that is often mistaken for a child. However, what annoys her, even more, is her big, loud, and boisterous senpai, Harumi Takeda. Despite her complaints, though, she starts to feel attracted to him and must come to grips with her feelings. My Senpai is Annoying (Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi,  先輩がうざい後輩の話)

My Senpai is Annoying (Senpai ga Uzai Kouhai no Hanashi,  先輩がうざい後輩の話) anime 2021, subbed, dubbed full episodes for free in high-quality streaming. Watch Online For Free On Anime1st.

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My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying

Before Watching My Senpai is Annoying, Here is Everything You Need to Know:

My Senpai Is Annoying (先輩がうざい後輩の話Senpai ga Uzai Kōhai no Hanashilit. “Kōhai’s Story with the Annoying Senpai”) is a Japanese romantic comedy manga series by Shiro Manta. It has been serialized online via Ichijinsha’s Comic POOL digital manga magazine since 2017 and has been collected in eight tankōbon volumes. The manga is licensed in North America by Seven Seas Entertainment. An anime television series adaptation by Doga Kobo premiered in October 2021.

Synopsis My Senpai is Annoying:

At a certain trading company, saleswoman Futaba Igarashi has managed to hold her respectable job for almost two years thanks to the guidance of her senior coworker—Harumi Takeda. However, due to Igarashi’s short stature, Takeda often teases her and treats her like a kid, leaving Igarashi constantly annoyed by his antics.

Despite this, Igarashi notices Takeda’s reliability as he is always ready to help whenever something at their workplace goes awry. As Igarashi and Takeda spend more time together, their relationship soon develops further than simply being coworkers at the office.

Synopsis N.2:

Igarashi Futuba’s new job would be great if her senpai, Takeda Harumi, wasn’t so incredibly annoying. Futuba hates his laugh, she hates how big he is, and she really hates that he treats her like a little kid. Just because Futuba is short and looks young doesn’t make her a kid, and just because she spends so much time with Takeda doesn’t mean she sees him as anything but an annoying senpai – or does she?

Alternative title:

Senpai ga Uzai Kōhai no Hanashi (Japanese)
先輩がうざい後輩の話 (Japanese)

Staff My Senpai is Annoying:

Itou, Ryouta
Itou, Ryouta
Takadera, Takeshi
Takadera, Takeshi
Sound Director
Hayami, Saori
Hayami, Saori
Theme Song Performance
Horie, Yui
Horie, Yui
Theme Song Performance

Opening Theme My Senpai is Annoying:

“Annoying! San San Week! (アノーイング!さんさんウィーク!)” by Futaba Igarashi (CV: Tomori Kusunoki), Touko Sakurai (CV: Saori Hayami), Natsumi Kurobe (CV: Reina Aoyama), Mona Tsukishiro (CV: Aoi Koga)

Ending Theme My Senpai is Annoying:

“Niji ga Kakaru Made no Hanashi (虹が架かるまでの話)” by Yui Horie

Official Website My Senpai is Annoying:

TVアニメ「先輩がうざい後輩の話」公式サイト (Japanese)


Manga My Senpai is Annoying

The manga series began serialization via Ichijinsha‘s Comic POOL web magazine in 2017. Seven Seas Entertainment holds the license to publish in English in North America.


On July 1, 2020, an anime television series adaptation produced by Doga Kobo was announced.The series is directed by Ryota Itoh, with Yoshimi Narita overseeing the series’ scripts, Shigemitsu Abe designing the characters, and Hiroaki Tsutsumi composing the series’ music. It premiered on October 10, 2021 on Tokyo MXBS11GYTHTBAnimax, and TUF. Tomori KusunokiSaori Hayami, Reina Aoyama, and Aoi Koga performed the opening theme “Annoying! San-san Week!”, while Yui Horie performed the ending theme “Niji ga Kakaru made no Hanashi” (“The Story Across the Rainbow”).Funimation licensed the series outside of Asia. Muse Communication has licensed this series in South Asia and Southeast Asia. They licensed the series to Animax Asia for TV broadcasts.

My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying

My Senpai is Annoying Characters:

garashi is a hardworking young office lady. Takeda, the senpai above her at work, annoys her constantly–and yet she finds herself growing closer to him. Every day is filled with comic mishaps and romantic moments as Igarashi tries to balance work, life, and love. This full-color manga–which started its life as a webcomic–is sure to charm audiences of workplace comedies like Aggretsuko and The Office!

Main Characters My Senpai is Annoying

  • Futaba Igarashi (五十嵐双葉Igarashi Futaba)
  • Tōko Sakurai (桜井桃子Sakurai Tōko)

Side Characters My Senpai is Annoying

  • Sōta Kazama (風間蒼太Kazama Sōta)
  • Natsumi Kurobe (黒部夏美Kurobe Natsumi)
  • Yūto Sakurai (桜井優人Sakurai Yūto)
  • Mona Tsukishiro (月城モナTsukishiro Mona)
  • Ojii-chan (おじいちゃん)
  • Department Chief (部長Buchō)
  • Oishi (大石)
  • Hijikata (土方)

Reviews on My Senpai is Annoying

1. Review of My Senpai is Annoying

Oct 30, 2021
Watch Anime Online for Free in English Subtitles - My Senpai is Annoying 2021
Ellenwitch (All reviews)

Do you ever see or hear anime titles that are misleading on purpose, and instead are just nothing but a wholesome, pure cute adventure, from start to finish. Which is just a treat to watch? This is what you’ll get when it comes to this show. My Senpai is Annoying

Set in an office setting, as if it’s a normal working company, with working relations with other work people. Sorta like Retsuko in a way. As we watch the work place come alive trough various workers. Mainly through our small protagonist Futaba, who is not only a joy to see, but is also very expressive in her own right. She’ll sometimes hide her feelings, but most of the time, she’ll always find a way to let them out. She’s cute, she’s precious, and honestly feels super relatable.

Her senpai though….He’s a sigma male honestly. The best kind of senpai anyone could ever want. Trust me, you’re going to appreciate the ground he walks on, because he’s a fucking gem. The show’s title says ‘annoying’ but if anything, he’s a pure hearted gentle giant man with a heart of gold, that can be my senpai any damn day of the week.

He not only does his job well, but he also supports all his work colleges, mainly Futaba whom he works with a lot, and doesn’t let her size, or any other feature bother him. To him, she’s a normal adult like you or I. I honestly think that’s so great. He;s a mans man. My Senpai is Annoying

But the show isn’t just about these two, there are also other characters in the mix that we have to talk about. Which range from some of Futaba’s childhood friends, whom are quite the characters themselves. To even her grandpa, whom in one certain scene, just had me laughing from ear to ear. Besides those, we have a good focus on two characters in Touko, whom is just an angel, she’s a true sweetie, you’ll adore her for how she acts, and who she is.

Along with Souta, who seems like a good dude overall, a good colourful bunch of characters that will push this show so far, and will make it each and every episode enjoyable from the get go.

The art style can be summed up as bright, and detailed. A fitting artstyle that is not only pleasing to the eye, but doesn’t look out of place no matter what scene. Along with the sound, the reactions from the characters are just good stuff all round. Nothing to complain about here. My Senpai is Annoying

My senpai is annoying is just a gem all round. One of the ones to watch this season for sure, you SHOULD be watching it now. The story is just not only wholesome in so many ways, but it’s charming, it’s sweet, it’s funny, it’s really good viewing. Give it a go now, don’t wait for it to finish in a couple of weeks. I’d advise you to begin watching it if you haven’t yet, right now.

2. Review of My Senpai is Annoying
Oct 30, 2021
Watch Anime Online for Free in English Subtitles - My Senpai is Annoying 2021
SpRayquaza11 (All reviews)

After the sad (and rushed ) parting of wotakoi us mature romance fans have been blessed by his lovely office romance My Senpai is Annoying

in a nutshell, this anime is the combination that is wotakoi + lovely complex, With real high production values.

This anime did not have much expectation but is turning out to be another sleeper hit, it has the perfect balance of slice of life comedy and romance, and plays each demographic quite well .

certain tropes are used like flat chest etc however they do not play that card repeatedly which is a kind of relief since this I where most anime fail.

the story is simple and easy to follow we have a senpai, we have a kohai they have an interesting dynamic both physically and emotionally . The side characters also have their own charm with the main cast as well as with each other My Senpai is Annoying .

The characters are kind of tropey, yet not so much so that they do not feel like actual people, the Tsundere is nicely balanced and does not get to your nerves (which I feel would set a precedent already).couple of surprise secondary characters who are quite wholesome.

This anime has the most unique opening this season, it’s really well done and I absolutely love it. From the OP music, many can tell that this anime has very high production values, the Ed is alright I guess. The Vas do an above-average job especially sakura and Kazuma their VA s are also pretty well known .

the Artsyle is unique but really not my type, (that is the only reason I watched this after a few clips were out).The animation however is surprisingly well done at places you would least expect ! The OP also has real fluid animation which really helps add to the already great music. My Senpai is Annoying

overall a very good show with the very right balance of romance slice of life and comedy. given the high budget it has received I am hopeful that it will be a sleeper hit and recommend it to everyone without hesitation.

3. Review of My Senpai is Annoying
Oct 30, 2021
Watch Anime Online for Free in English Subtitles - My Senpai is Annoying 2021
SynthwaveCrusade (All reviews)
With every passing season of Anime, the threshold of what is impressive is raised ever so slightly; Production in anime has gotten more ostentatious over the years which has yielded great results for helping make anime more wide reaching. Which is why to no ones surprise a plethora of awaited adaptations and sequels came out for this Fall season. One such anime was Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi a cute albeit not entirely original Office romance, Think the likes of Ore Monogatari!!

Blended together with Wotakoi; surprisingly up until the a few weeks ago I had never heard of the series and going in I was expecting a slightly above average run of the mill office romance with a slightly eccentric cast of characters, and I got what I expected.

The story follows a short office woman named Igarashi Futaba – she’s commonly made fun of due to her comically childish appearance juxtapose this to her large, burly, bear-like senpai, Takeda Harumi. Majority of the story seems to just be a series of loosely connected events that push the romance further, the story is presented basically like it’s a gag manga.

With and episodic format like that it’s always going to be hit or miss with the stories contained in the episodes – with arc based stories momentum from previous episodes can keep you engaged but with episodic stories you generally need a consistent stream of good episodes – so far the episodes are mediocre at worst, decent at best. I understand that the Gag format is a stylistic writing choice on the part of the creator, but I think that for stories like this that a continuous story based format can work better.

Not to say that everything is bad here, there are a lot of very cute moments, say for example when Futaba gets drunk, but for the most part the stories lack substance or aren’t the most interesting to watch.

But most of that can be forgiven given the episodic format does not yield to the most compelling stories, the characters are usually the driving force behind the personality and the image of the show, this is no different in Senpai ga Urusai Kouhai no Hanashi. The characters are very hit or miss, I don’t particularly dislike any characters but some characters just aren’t the most interesting. Igarashi Futaba is your Titular tsundere loli – She’s cute but terribly stereotypical which does detract from my enjoyment. My Senpai is Annoying

She’s just not very unique, nothing about her separates her from the other characters of her architype, during the 4 episodes I watched It was this nagging thing in my head “Another tsundere who complains about having a flat chest and being short” it’s almost like a check list at this point. Takeda is the male lead of the story, a strong, stoic definition of Masculinity he is safe to say, refreshing. You don’t see many overly masculine males playing the leading male role in a cutesy romance anime and Takeda is one of my favourites; he’s Wholesome, he’s funny, he’s very likeable. My Senpai is Annoying
For a the Male lead, he’s solid – if there was any issue I had with him, he’s dense – comically so. Whenever authors write a dense characters it’s almost always to draw out the romance for as long as possible which is just painful to sit through. However the Chemistry between Futaba and Takeda makes for a fun and wholesome relationship. As for the supporting cast; they’re decent Sakurai and Kazama have this cute back and forth and it’s obvious that they both like each other and it makes for a cute side story to any given episode.

Natsumi didn’t strike me as a very interesting character, she serves her purpose as the titular friend/wingman character – this is probably the character I would like to see develop the most over the story. Minor supporting characters like Futaba’s grandfather and Tsukishiro are decent comedic relief and I quite enjoyed what little time they had on-screen. My Senpai is Annoying

As far as Art goes, nothing mind blowing but the animation is definitely slightly above the curve for normal anime. Notably the opening for the anime has some pretty stellar animation – it was oddly reminiscent of the Komi-San opening from this season, but only because of the similar production value and release date. All in all I think the art and animation is fine, some of the characters are certainly easy on the eyes and for the most part – I liked the art style.

I think the opening for this anime, is really goddamn cute – starting with the song “Annoying! San San Week!” done by all the VA’s for the show, It’s a lowkey bop, it’s fun, uplifting and it perfectly fits the show, I absolutely adore this song. Some standout moments for me was the cute little interaction between Kazama and Sakurai, I also liked how the whole opening is like a Company video edited by Futaba it’s just a cute world building touch because sometimes you forgot, this is an office romance. My Senpai is Annoying

The opening is a really catchy song with some nice amusing visuals. The ED “Niji ga Kakaru Made no Hanashi” by Yui Horie is just another really cute song. It’s shot in this painting frame esc floating panels way and it makes for a nice and simplistic ending – has some nice moments with the ending especially in the final scene of the ED where it’s just two drinks one for Futaba and one for Takeda.

As far as the general OST of the Anime, it really wasn’t anything all that impressive, at least none of the tracks I heard. The Voice acting was also fine, they fit the characters well, Igarashi is cute, Takeda is masculine etc. I don’t remember any really stellar performances but what was their I enjoyed.

This show is nothing special, It’s cute has decent production and a decent cast fun characters that you can get behind. I don’t see this blowing anyone’s mind with some amazing plot or characters development but for fans of Romance I think it’s worth watching especially if you enjoy that type of Vanilla romance anime. So in conclusion, have fun with this one, but don’t expect anything amazing. My Senpai is Annoying

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