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One Piece Episode 1025

TV Sub Released on July 17, 2022 · ? views · Posted by Master4bcode · series One Piece
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One Piece Episode 1025

One Piece

One Piece, OP, ONE PIECE
Rating 8.57
Status: Ongoing Network: , , , , Studio: Released: 1999 Duration: 24 min. Season: Country: Type: TV Fansub: Anime1st Censor: Censored Director: Casts: , , , , ,
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one piece 1999 anime

One Piece Stroy :

The first chapter of the One Piece manga hit store shelves on Aug. 24, 1997, in the weekly Shōnen Jump magazine. It took less than two years for One Piece to become a full-fledged anime series, with the first episode airing on Oct. 20, 1999. Since then, One Piece has grown to be the most popular manga series in Japan, with over 280 million volumes sold as of 2012. One Piece follows the story of a pirate named Monkey D. Luffy and his rag-tag Straw Hat pirate crew as they set out to help Luffy become The King of the Pirates by finding a legendary treasure called One Piece that the last Pirate King Gold Roger hid at the end of the Grand Line, a series of islands separated from the rest of the world by windless oceans that cannot be sailed. While sometimes bloody, One Piece is generally good for the whole family and has such a compelling story that you’ll likely want to start reading the manga once you’ve seen any of the anime series or movies. One Piece - (2000) Wan Pīsu (ワンピース) Director of One Piece: Atsuji Shimizu Last Episode Before Release: Episode 16 The first One Piece feature film is a good one, but its animation hasn’t aged very well over the last decade or so. The Straw Hat pirate crew for this movie consists only of Luffy, Zoro, Usopp, and Nami. The movie’s plot involves the Straw Hat pirates, starving for their lack of Sanji, being shanghaied by the El Drago pirates who are on their way to an island to search for the legendary treasure of the Great Gold Pirate Woonan and then getting tangled up in the search for the treasure. Fairly light as far as One Piece movies go, this is a good one to see if only to understand just how greatly One Piece has evolved over the years and enjoy a little side-story with the early Straw Hat crew. Clockwork Island Adventure (2001) Nejimaki-jima no Bōken (ねじまき島の冒険) Director of One Piece : Atsuji Shimizu Last Episode Before Release: Episode 60 Sanji makes his first film appearance as a Straw Hat crew member in Clockwork Island Adventure. One Piece’s animation quality improved significantly in just a year, but today’s standards still date this movie’s visuals, just not grossly so. The narrative follows the Straw Hat pirates as they are once again set upon by thieves and chase after their stolen pirate ship ending up at a “floating” island whose inhabitants are being oppressed by a pirate crew called the Trump Siblings. The steaks are high throughout the movie, and it’s cool to see the Straw Hats in all-out battles against their various powerful and well-matched foes. This is a fine One Piece movie and definitely a recommended watch. Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals (2002) Chinjū-tō no Choppā-ōkoku (珍獣島のチョッパー王国) One-Piece_movie_3 Director of One Piece: Atsuji Shimizu Last Episode Before Release: Episode 102 Adding Chopper (and specifically not Nico Robin) to the Straw Hat crew, Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals is essentially both the least canonical and one of the least beloved of the One Piece 1999 movies (I still enjoy it because Chopper is my favourite character, but that’s neither here nor there). The story has the Straw Hat pirates arriving at the Island of Strange Animals to have their ship thrown into the air and have Chopper fall overboard. Chopper has then crowned the king of the strange animals, and both he and the rest of the Straw Hat crew help defend the island’s inhabitants from a treasure hunter named Count Butler and his henchmen. At the same time, less involved than pretty much all of the other One Piece movies, as the so-called “worst” of the bunch, this movie is still better than some of the more common anime rabble these days. Not a bad time, but there are certainly better anime movies to watch. Dead End Adventure (2003) Dead End no Bōken (デッドエンドの冒険) Director of One Piece: Kōnosuke Uda Last Episode Before Release: Episode 146 This is one of the better One Piece movies. With Nico Robin joining the Straw Hat pirates, solid animation, a good storyline, and cool movie-exclusive characters, Dead End Adventure has a lot going for it. Directed by the same person who directs the anime series, the canonical Dead End Adventure feels more like an extended and epic episode than some other One Piece movies. The plot follows the Straw Hat pirates who are hard-up for cash as they discover and then participate in a high-stakes ship race, but the race and some of their competitors are not quite what they seem. A great jaunt with the Straw Hat crew, Dead End Adventure is certainly one of the finest One Piece movies. The Cursed Holy Sword (2004) Norowareta Seiken (呪われた聖剣) Director of One Piece: Kazuhisa Takenouchi Last Episode Before Release: Episode 183 The Cursed Holy Sword uses one of the popular tropes of anime series movies, going rogue for seemingly no reason. Zoro mysteriously disappears while the Straw Hat crew, who have not gained any additional members since the last movie, restocks their ship on an island. Their search for Zoro leads them to a village on the island where Zoro, in the company of some Marines, fights Sanji and steals some powerful orbs from the village. It’s up to the Straw Hats crew to discover why Zoro has seemingly gone crazy, but it must have something to do with a Holy Sword that is possibly Cursed, right? Not the most involved One Piece movie, but with some rockin’ sword fights and some ancient curses, it’s a good time nonetheless. Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island (2005) Omatsuri Danshaku to Himitsu no Shima (オマツリ男爵と秘密の島) Director of One Piece : Mamoru Hosoda Last Episode Before Release: Episode 223 Directed by the incomparable Mamoru Hosoda (of The Girl Who Leapt Through Time fame), this is by far the darkest and creepiest single piece of One Piece media. This was my favourite One Piece movie until Strong World came out in 2009. The movie has the Straw Hat crew find a message in a bottle advertising a resort called Omatsuri Island, where there is all manner of relaxing and fulfilling activities tailored especially for powerful Grand Line pirates. Figuring they could use a vacation, they travel to the island, not knowing that it harbours one of the greatest challenges they may ever face. The highly stylized and “simplified” animation in this movie is a huge departure from its counterpart in the anime series, and it adds greatly to the depiction of the tribulations that the Straw Hat crew faces on the Secret Island. The dark story and graphic violence make this an anime movie that’s definitely not for kids but provides a unique and extremely enjoyable ride for the rest of us. This movie is not to be missed, even if you’re unfamiliar with One Piece. The Giant Mechanical Soldier of Karakuri Castle (2006) Karakuri-jō no Meka Kyohei (カラクリ城のメカ巨兵) op-karakura Director: Kōnosuke Uda Last Episode Before Release: Episode 257 (set before Episode 229) Kōnosuke Uda’s second turn at the helm of a One Piece movie is largely a forgettable outing. The movie has a couple of mildly interesting twists but really stands at the back of the pack of One Piece movies and Chopper’s Kingdom on the Island of Strange Animals. The plot follows the Straw Hat Crew as they hear the legend of a priceless Golden Crown hidden on Mecha Island, covered with myriad mechanical marvels. I don’t want to give away the plot twists, but the Crew solves riddles across the island along with some of the island’s residents to uncover a secret that most of them weren’t expecting. Not a completely terrible anime movie by most turns. This is just not one to hold one’s breath over in anticipation of watching. It’s also a good deal lighter in tone than its numerical predecessor, so no more worries for family viewing than with any other standard One Piece fare. The Desert Princess and the Pirates: Adventures in Alabasta (2007) Episōdo obu Arabasuta: Sabaku no Ōjo to Kaizoku-tachi (エピソードオブアラバスタ 砂漠の王女と海賊たち) (lit. “Episode of Alabasta: The Desert Princess and the Pirates”) one-piece-alabasta Director: Takahiro Imamura Episodes Summarized: 92-130 This movie serves to summarise the events during the Alabasta Arc of the One Piece anime with improved animation. In the Alabasta Arc, the Straw Hat Pirates land on the desert island of Alabasta to find the Kingdom of Sand embroiled in civil war due to Crocodile's meddling Shichibukai (a powerful pirate working for the World Government) and leader of the criminal organization Baroque Works. Luffy and the crew then try to help their new friend Vivi, the kingdom’s princess, save the island from its turmoil. Fairly minor details were either omitted or tweaked to make the story flow better in its condensed form, but nothing major enough to cause concern was changed. Unlike many anime series summary movies, though, Adventures in Alabasta‘s limited exposition makes this movie only truly enjoyable for people already acquainted with the One Piece series. With events occurring thick and fast, much of the movie’s value is lost on people who know nothing or very little about the series’ characters. Inexplicably the most widely available One Piece movie in North American stores, Adventures in Alabasta, is a pleasant trip down memory lane for One Piece fans but is certainly the wrong place to start if you’re a newcomer to the series. The episode of Chopper Plus: Bloom in Winter, Miracle Sakura (2008) Episōdo Obu Choppā Purasu: Fuyu ni Saku, Kiseki no Sakura (エピソードオブチョッパー+ 冬に咲く、奇跡の桜) Director: Atsuji Shimizu Episodes Embellished: 78-91 Last Episode Before Release: Episode 344 Playing on the episode summary concept from the previous year’s movie, Episode of Chopper Plus is rather an anachronistic non-canonical retelling of the Drum Island Arc from the anime series/manga wherein Tony Tony Chopper’s back story of having eaten the Human-Human devil fruit is told, and he eventually joins the Straw Hat crew. The movie adds in Franky, Nico Robin and the Thousand Sunny ship, none of whom were yet part of the Straw Hat crew when the events originally took place in the series, as well as changing several details about the story and characters to fit its new chronological placement after the Enies Lobby Arc which ended with Episode 312. Different enough from the original arc for fans of the series (especially of Chopper) and compelling enough to stand on its own, Episode of Chopper Plus was an interesting experiment in retelling an arc from the series but stood as one of the weaker overall One Piece movies due to its familiarity and slightly lower budget animation. One Piece Film: Strong World (2009) Wan Pīsu Firumu: Sutorongu Wārudo (ワンピースフィルム ストロングワールド) One Piece Strong World Director: Munehisa Sakai Last Episode Before Release: Episode 429 While still non-canonical, Strong World was the first One Piece movie to be written and supervised by the series creator Eiichiro Oda — this was such a large departure from the preceding One Piece movies that there was a huge buzz around its release. Strong World also marks several other firsts for One Piece movies, including the first film appearance of Brook, the use of “One Piece Film” in the movie titles, and the tradition of having several very distinct and unique costumes changes for each character throughout the movie. The plot follows the Straw Hat crew as Nami is kidnapped by a famous pirate named Golden Lion Shiki and the rest of the crew have to navigate his islands filled with huge, dangerous creatures to gear up and try to get her back. A fun, unique, and oftentimes hilarious One Piece movie, Strong World represents a sort of renaissance for the quality of One Piece’s theatrical films and is certainly one that is not to be missed. One Piece 3D: Straw Hat Chase (2011) Wan Pīsu Surī-Dī Mugiwara Cheisu (One Piece 3D 麦わらチェイス) Director: Hiroyuki Satoh Last Episode Before Release: Episode 489 A fun, relatively light and short movie, One Piece 3D was double-billed with a 3D Toriko movie when it hit theatres in 2011, so it weighs in at a mere 30 minutes long. The cel-shaded 3D animation is more reminiscent of modern video games than it is of theatrical productions, but it manages to resemble the series’ traditional animation enough that it’s not overly distracting during the film’s short run time. The plot follows the Straw Hat crew as they try to get Luffy’s stolen hat back while battling their way through Marines and Sea Kings. There is not a whole lot to One Piece 3D, but it’s fine if a short foray into the third dimension for the Straw Hat crew. One Piece Film: Z (2012) Wan Pīsu Firumu: Zetto (ワンピースフィルム ゼット) Director: Tatsuya Nagamine Last Episode Before Release: Episode 576 The second One Piece film to be executive produced by Eiichiro Oda himself, One Piece Film: Z is a favourite among many One Piece fans due to its interesting and well developed new characters, heavy use of the Marine Admiralty, exceedingly high stakes, and good balance between humour and excellent battle scenes. The film’s story follows the Straw Hat crew as they happen upon an insanely strong purple-haired ex-Marine named Z, who has formed his own Neo Marines and is bent on the destruction of all pirates. The crew get some of their best-ever cinematic battles, some fun costume changes, and many Marines get their first post-time-jump anime appearances — One Piece Film: Z is a great time and a must-see for fans Piece 1999 and action anime alike. One Piece Film Gold (2016) Wan Pīsu Firumu Gōrudo (ワンピースフィルムゴールド) Director of One Piece: Hiroaki Miyamoto Last Episode Before Release of One Piece: Episode 750 The latest One Piece film, graciously still produced by Eiichiro Oda, is just as flashy and full of spectacle as the name One Piece Film Gold would suggest. Featuring some of the very best animations that One Piece has ever had (second only in my mind to Baron Omatsuri and the Secret Island), One Piece Film Gold follows the Straw Hat crew as they visit an enormous casino/resort ship called the Gran Tesoro which is run as an independent country by megalomaniac and devil fruit user Gild Tesoro. The crew is welcomed on the ship to compete in numerous challenges of skill and chance to rack up enough bellies/berries to give Nami heart palpitations. At a full 120 minutes, this is the longest One Piece movie yet, and while you can feel its length as the pacing lulls in a couple of places, One Piece Film Gold is ultimately very much worth the ride and is a dazzling spectacle of an anime movie whether you’re a One Piece novice or (gold) card-carrying expert.

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