Re-Main 2021 Anime
Re-Main 2021 Anime
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Re-Main 2021

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Status: Completed Network: Studio: Released: 2021 Duration: Unknown Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 12 Fansub: anime1st Censor: Censored Director: , Casts: , , , , Posted by: micho Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Re-Main 2021

Re-Main 2021 (RE-MAI, メイン) The story centers on Minato Kiyoumizu, a boy who quit playing water polo after an incident during the winter of his third year of junior high school. After entering high school, he makes a promise and decides to try water polo again and join the school’s team with his friends. However, the new team will run into problems along the way…

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Re-Main 2021 Anime

Re-Main 2021

Re-Main is an ongoing original anime series animated by MAPPA, directed by Kiyoshi Matsuda, and written by Masafumi Nishida. The series is set to premiere in 2021.

Before watching the series Re-Main, here is the synopsis:

When Minato Kiyomizu wakes up in a hospital, he learns that he has been comatose for 203 days. As it turns out, a car accident has caused him to lose all memory of his middle school journey. Eventually, he discovers his former glory in water polo and desires to continue where he has left off. However, embarrassingly becoming aware of the massive disparity between his old and current self, Minato begins intensive rehabilitation in hopes of starting anew—a life without water polo.

Yet, Minato is promptly reminded of his past prowess and a promise on his very first day in Yamanami High School. Soon enough, despite being completely aware of his ineptitude, he joins the school’s water polo club! While needing to relearn the sport’s basics, he, along with his clubmates, must recruit new members to attain the required seven-man roster. With that, Minato tries to rekindle his deeply buried talent for water polo—and become one of Japan’s renowned players once again.

Opening Theme Re-Main: 

Ending Theme Re-Main: 

  • The second hand of the broken world by Shugo Nakamura


Re-Main 2021 Anime

Re-Main – Official Cover


All Characters Re-Main:

Yamanami High School Characters Re-Main:

  • Minato Kiyoumizu (清水 みなと Kiyoumizu Minato)

Minato is a former water polo player who quit the sport after an injury. He is forced by Eitaro Oka and Jo Jojima to join Yamninami High School’s water polo club. He has navy blue hair that goes in all directions and soft brown eyes. Often sprouting a happy expression, his face sterns when he’s in a game.

His injury left him a shell of what he previously was; a happy carefree middle schooler turned hospital-bound. Which left a toll on his mental health in which he has developed body images comparing his current state to the previous glory. Losing his memory of the last 3 years of his life was hard on him and swore off returning to Water Polo due to fear. But eventually returning.

But through his rough patches with the support of family and friends he manages to push through and have his old personality come back. As he was a year 6 stuck in a year 9’s body. He tries to live up to what others expect of him which leads to stress on him and his body, as he tries to also get his memories back.

He struggles with self-worth issues due to him previously being a “prodigy” and now far from it alongside people of his past he cannot remember which leads him to be frustrated.

  • Eitarō Oka (岡 栄太郎Oka Eitarō)

Eitarou is Minato’s junior from the same junior high school. He is a person who knows about Minato’s past. Due to his admiration for Minato, Eitarou entered Yamanami High School.

  • Jō Jōjima (城島 譲Jōjima Jō)

Jou is the captain of the water polo club at Yamanami High School, where Minato attends. He tries to make Minato join the club.

  • Shūgo Amihama (網浜 秀吾Amihama Shūgo)

Shuugo is a student at Yamanami High School. He was a swimmer when he was in middle school. He is talented and cool.

  • Yutaka Babayaro Inomata (猪俣 ババヤロ 豊Inomata Babayaro Yutaka)

Yutaka is a student at Yamanami High School. His father is Nigerian.

  • Takekazu Ejiri (江尻 武一Ejiri Takekazu)

Takekazu is a student at Yamanami High School. He is noisy, hot-blooded, and quick to fight.

  • Yoshiharu Ushimado (牛窓 善晴Ushimado Yoshiharu)

Yoshiharu is a student at Yamanami High School. He’s not good at expressing himself due to his withdrawn personality.

Shogakukan High School Characters from Re-Main:

  • Keita Kakihana (垣花 慶太Kakihana Keita)
  • Riku Momosaki (百崎 陸Momozaki Riku)
  • Kōki Toguchi (渡久地 光輝Toguchi Kōki)
  • Akimitsu Bizen (備前 昭充Bizen Akimitsu)

Rikka Academy Characters from Re-Main:

  • Takeshi Toyama (富山 健Toyama Takeshi)
  • Akihisa Fukui (福井 晃久Fukui Akihisa)
  • Norimichi Ishikawa (石川 則道Ishikawa Norimichi)
  • Chinu Kawakubo (川窪 ちぬ Kawakubo Chinu)
Re-Main 2021 Anime


Interesting Facts About Re-Main:

  • The name Minato means, “fruit” (み)(mi), “name”(な)(na), and “if” (と)(to)
  • The name Eitaro means, “hero” (英)(ei), “thick” (太)(ta) and “son” (郎)(rou)
  • Jo is loud and outgoing, he often thinks after he does his actions rather than before. He is very persuasive and doesn’t give up.
  • Minato’s Surname Kiyoumizu means, “clean” (清)(kiyo) and “water” (水)(mizu)
  • Chinu has a muscular build, but feminine features. She wears her uniform neatly unlike Minato.
  • The name Keita means, “congratulate, happiness” (慶)(kei) and “thick” (太)(ta)
  • Keita has a very soft appearance to match his soft personality.
  • Eitaro is very smart and tactical.
  • The name Jo means, “transfer” (譲)(jou)
  • The name Shugo means, “to excell” (秀)(shu), and “me” (吾)(go)

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Reviews of Re-Main 2021:

1. Review of Re-Main:

Jul 31, 2021
sharonrxse (All reviews)

once again, this cour has presented yet another sports anime, and this time about water polo. Not everyone knows a lot about water polo, so it did pique my interest. Not to mention Mappa was the one animating it, so I thought wow, looks good, let’s give it a try. This is what I can say:

Story: 7.4/10. A lot of sports animes, such as Haikyuu, always take up the beginning eps to explain and emphasize the individual stories of the teammates. So far they’ve taken up 4 episodes doing this. Not that I’m complaining, but since they used up 3.5eps in a 12ep cour, I’m hoping for some good pacing throughout the entire anime. Especially hoping that they don’t rush the end or something.

The story does have potential though, and I like how the title ‘Re-Main’ is explained in the anime. Its unique name makes me think this show does have potential. Hoping that I’m not wrong about this.

Art: 9/10. I mean, sausage Mappa. The intro is beautifully animated, and the water animation feels very real. No complaints here.

Sound: 8.9/10. but it rounds up to a 9. Water splashes are fine. I’ve seen a discussion about the voice actors though, saying how the mc’s voice doesn’t really fit his appearance. It sounds fine for me, but I do admit it may sound weird 1st time hearing it. But after the 1st ep my ears got used to it so it’s fine for me now.

Character: 7.6/10. Very loveable cast, goated voice actors too. Everyone’s distinct, distinguishable, and I love the chemistry between all of them. I’m just giving it a 7.6 because it’s stereotypical, but everyone’s likable.

Enjoyment: 8.4/10. I’m new to water sports, and water polo is just the thing to get me interested. Besides that, it’s also interesting to see how they train for the sport, and how their practices work out. With the Olympics going on right now, it’s the perfect time to be learning about water polo and seeing it happen in real life.

I also really love how Mappa chose Enhypen to sing the op. The vibes match the anime perfectly, and it is a whole bop. I’m not even a kpop stan or anything, but this song might make me be one.

Overall: 7.8/10. The rivalry between our main team and the other teams seems worth watching for. I would say this gives off the same vibes as Bakuten. Really hoping they don’t mess up the ending or rush it!! Might bump it up to an 8 if it gets really good.

2. Review of Re-Main:

Aug 2, 2021

ApocalypSnow (All reviews)

First place for the cheesiest title in anime history—like, Re-Main as in becoming a main character again? Really?

Story: Minato Kiyamizu was a water polo champion in middle school but loses all his memories of the past three years due to an accident. He initially plans to quit water polo since he can’t even remember playing it, but a bet with the equivalent of $100 on the line makes him pick up the sport again. I haven’t seen amnesia used this creatively to get a protagonist who is both a prodigy and a total rookie. 8/10

Art: MAPPA doesn’t disappoint. The in-water animation is stellar, and the character designs are vibrant! 9/10

Sound: Water polo looks like a fun sport combining swimming, volleyball, and soccer, and the soundtrack conveys that sense of fun. The swimming race between Minato and swimming champion Shugo Amihama was suspenseful and had a hilarious outcome! 8/10

Character: Amnesiac main characters usually don’t do well, but Minato’s character brings in viewers with little to no knowledge of water polo. His teammates each have distinct personalities and stories of their own, adding more depth than most high school teams in anime where only one or two characters actually seem like people while the others are basically stereotypes. 8/10

Entertainment: It’s amnesia. It’s definitely amnesia. It’s done well, and I want to know more about all the characters. Also, Minato’s bet is a hilarious incentive for him to return to water polo. When Yamanami High gets their first match, their opponent is an awesome surprise! 10/10

Overall: I recommend this anime to anyone looking for a fun, mostly light-hearted high school sports anime or wanting to see memory loss in fiction done right. For an anime about boys in swimsuits, you might think it’d be more fanservice-y, but the teenagers’ bodies are more realistic than other shows where characters dress down. It’s the characters, not their bodies, that carry Re-Main. 8/10

3. Review of Re-Main:
Aug 1, 2021
harshwardhanW (All reviews)

I really do not understand why people avoid watching sports anime because they don’t like it or they haven’t played that particular sport the anime is about.

Re-main has been a little slow but very decent anime till now and now that it’s catching up some pace from episode 4 it seems that it will become even more enjoyable from here on out.
The anime only has 12 eps for this season and maybe it will get renewed for a new season depending upon its success in the west and especially in Japan.

Other than all that the animation seems good, it is not very detailed but it’s very clean.
voice acting is also decent nothing special in this department.

So overall I would recommend you to definitely watch Re-Main, in my opinion, this anime has been better than most of the animes which started airing this season like a detective is already dead, aquotope, etc.

3. Review of Re-Main:
Aug 5, 2021
Hexdsid (All reviews)

Look, I absolutely love sports anime, so seeing Re-Main, a show about water polo of all things, I was so excited for some fun, tense, and hype stuff that even I enjoyed, but in the end, I was ultimately let down by some of the most outrages bullshit plots and *some* terribly boring or basic characters. Re-main has been a pretty forgettable experience as an anime.

Plot/Story: 4/10 “So how do we make an interesting show WITHOUT any of the steps to get there or making it airtight whatsoever”, well just do what Re-Main does. Basically, the main character gets in a fucking car crash, lands himself in a coma for about 200 days or so, and on top of that just to the cherry on top, he loses 3 YEARS WORTH of memories.

Which personally by my standards is a really big thing that should have a decent weight on the character’s family and himself but no. They really just gloss over it all and honestly, I feel like it was brought up to some level of importance and does make some impact, but they all weep over it for like half an episode, and then oh it’s straight back to water polo.

They could have done this so much better, at least some resistance from a family member may be being tormented over almost losing their child to make it for real in a sense. but in the end, it feels like they put the most minimal effort into it

Characters: 5/10 honestly not much to say here, the main character isn’t that bad whatsoever, and neither are any of the other characters, they all have something they want to strive for and work towards, and a really like that because it shows some level of care (unlike in some places).

But this is where the compliments end for the cast, half the team at least which there are 7 of are the blankest, basic dead characters I’ve seen in a while. if you go look up the tall ‘cant play basketball’ guy, his description is that he’s a gentle and soft person, mother fucker they are all like that seriously there’s nothing to hate about them as people but come on something juicy at least. hit me hard with some of these guys. sadly on like 3 of them did, the main protagonist, the coach/senpai of the team, and the guy who really wants to surpass his brother.

Art: 8/10 Mappa puts in work, the strongest point of this show IMO, Never ever thought was per se lacking in some points, so good job Mappa, very well done here truly.

Sound: 7/10 Does just fine, sound doesn’t really affect an anime for me unless it is actually unbearable at some points, but almost 95% of the time it honestly does not pose a problem at all. This is no different.

Overall: 4/10 I was hoping for so much more from Re-Main but it’s not a manga-based piece, it’s a collab with Mikasa the sporting goods brand so I guess I shouldn’t have hyped myself up, but I did and were here now. and who knows maybe this opinion is subject to change but this is how I feel currently at this point in time

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