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Black Clover Season 1

Black Clover Season 1

Studio Pierrot
170 episodes · TV Completed Black Clover, ブラッククローバー

Asta and Yuno were abandoned together at the same church and have been inseparable since. As children, they promised that they would compete against each other to see who would become the next Emperor Magus. Black Clover (ブラッククローバー)

Black Clover Season 1 (ブラッククローバー, 黑色四叶草 (Chinese (PRC))) 2021 anime 2021 all full episodes for free in high-quality streaming.

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Black Clover Season 1

Black Clover Season 1

Before Watching Black Clover Season 1, Here is Everything You Need to Know:

Black Clover Season 1 Synopsis:

At the same church, Asta and Yuno were abandoned on the same day. Raised together as children, they came to know the “Wizard King” a title granted to the kingdom’s greatest magician and vowed that they would fight for the role of the next Wizard King against each other. However, the stark contrast between them became clear when they grew up. Although Yuno is able to use magic with incredible strength and energy, Asta is unable to use magic at all and through practicing physically, actively attempts to awaken his powers.

Yuno is bestowed with a spectacular Grimoire with a four-leaf clover as they reach the age of 15, while Asta gets none. Soon after, however, Yuno is assaulted by an individual called Lebuty, whose primary aim is to acquire the Grimoire of Yuno. Asta attempts to fight Lebuty, but he’s outdone. Though without hope and on the verge of failure, when he hears Yuno’s voice, he finds the courage to proceed. Unleashing his inner feelings in a fury, Asta receives a Grimoire five-leaf clover.

An orphan lad with no specialties except hard work thrives to achieve his goal. Neither his dead father is a hero nor he has support from powerful people. The only person that acknowledges him is his childhood friend and rival with very special abilities.

Black Clover Season 1 Running time: 23 minutes per episode
Black Clover Season 1 Number of episodes: 170
Black Clover Season 1Genres: action, comedy, fantasy, magic, shounen

Opening Theme in Black Clover Season 1:

#1: “Haruka Mirai” (Distant Future) by Kankaku Piero
#2: “PAiNT it BLACK” by BiSH (eps 14-27)
#3: “Black Rover” by Vickeblanka (eps 28-39)
#4: “Guess Who Is Back” by Kumi Koda (eps 40-51)
#5: “Gamushara” by Miyuna (eps 52-)
#6: “Rakugaki Page” (Scribble Page) by Kankaku Piero
#7: “JUSTadICE” by Seiko Oomori
#8: “sky & blue” by GIRLFRIEND
#10: “Black Catcher” by Vickeblanka
#11: “Stories” by Snow Man
#12: “Eien ni Hikare” by TOMORROW X TOGETHER (eps 141-157)
#13: “Grandeur” by Snow Man

Ending Theme in Black Clover Season 1:

#1: “Aoi Honō” (Blue Flame) by Itowokashi
#2: “Amazing Dreams” by SWANKY DANK (eps 14-27)
#3: “Black to the dreamlight” by EMPiRE (eps 28-39)
#4: “four” by FAKY (eps 40-51)
#5: “Tenjou Tenge” by Miyuna (eps 52-)
#6: “My Song My Days” by SOLIDEMO with Sakura-men (eps 65-76)
#7: “Hana ga Saku Michi” by THE CHARM PARK
#8: “against all gods” by m-flo
#9: “Jinsei wa Senjou da” by Kalen Anzai
#10: “New Page” by INTERSECTION
#11: “Answer” by Kaf
#12: “A Walk” by Gakuto Kajiwara (eps 141-157)

Insert song in Black Clover Season 1:

“Haruka Mirai last page ver.” by Kankakupiero (ep 170)
“Haruka Mirai” (Distant Future) by Kankaku Piero (Ep 119)
“Haruka Mirai” (Distant Future) by Kankaku Piero (Ep 49)
“Haruka Mirai” (Distant Future) by Kankakupiero (ep 49, ep 100, ep 119)

Official website of Black Clover Season 1:

Twitter account (Japanese)
Black Clover Season 1

Black Clover Season 1

Black Clover Season 1 Characters:

Black Clover Season 1 Main Characters:

  • Asta (アスタAsuta)

is the main protagonist of Black Clover. He is an orphan who was left under the care of a church by his mother during his infancy. He has high aspirations of becoming the next Wizard King.

He possesses no magical power, but he overcame his weakness by increasing his physical strength, which allowed him to join the Magic Knight Squad known as the Black Bulls after acquiring a five-leaf clover grimoire where the Anti-Magic devil Liebe resides. The grimoire allows him to use Anti-Magic effectively due to his lack of mana, later honing his senses to predict an opponent’s attack by sensing their ki.

Asta originally used the magic-nullifying Demon-Slayer Sword and the magic-siphoning Demon-Dweller Sword he acquired at a dungeon, later acquiring the Demon-Destroyer Sword at the Eye of the Midnight Sun’s hideout that allows him to destroy magic’s actual effects, even after the spell has been cast. This allows him to exorcise the elf spirits, should he inflict enough damage to their host bodies using it.

Asta later learns his weapons and grimoire once belonged to Elf Race’s leader Licht, the book itself revealed to have demonic origins as its creation was engineered by the devil Zagred with another devil sealed within it. After the Witch Queen used her magic to increase the Anti-Magic flow in Asta’s body, he gained the ability to transform into a form called “Black Asta” by tapping into the power of the devil within his grimoire.

However, Asta later learns his power subjects him to a curse mark known as Weg that makes him a target for the Magic Parliament, who see him as a monster that needs to be destroyed. At Julius’ request, he later travels to the Heart Kingdom, where he stays for six months to train and prepare for the fight against the Spade Kingdom.

During his fight with Dante, his right arm becomes permanently corrupted with his Devil’s power. With his new arm, he coats Yami’s katana with Anti Magic, and it becomes the Demon-Slasher Katana. He likes saying what Yami taught him if he’s in trouble in a fight.


  • Yuno (ユノYuno)

is an orphan who turns out to be a prince from the Spade Kingdom’s former royal family House Grinberryall. He was left under the care of a church during his infancy, acquiring a four-leaf clover grimoire, and became a member of the Golden Dawn. He uses Wind Magic and is the chosen partner of Sylph the Wind Spirit of the 4 great attributes. Sylph (nicknamed “Bell”) often tries to play around with Yuno, but due to his serious demeanor, he is often found complaining.

His serious attitude came about when Asta was injured defending him from bullies as a child. Yuno could only admire how Asta saved him, despite not having magic, and it made him feel ashamed. To make up for this, he trained himself to become Asta’s equal in a moral sense.

His “cool” demeanor is only broken when he is enjoying himself, usually when fighting someone strong or watching Asta prove his strength. He has proven himself to be a rising star among the ranks of Golden Dawn, capable of beating even the strongest mages with little to no effort. When he is physically changed into an Elf by Patry’s ritual (the soul is hinted to be that of Licht’s unborn son) Yuno’s magical might and willpower allowed him to retain his mind as he faced Patry and the demon manipulating him.

  • Noelle Silva (ノエル・シルヴァNoeru Shiruva)

is a silver-haired member of the Black Bulls and the fourth-born child of the Clover Kingdom’s royal family, House of Silva. While incredibly powerful as a royal, possessing a vast amount of mana, Noelle initially had trouble controlling her Water Magic with her older brother Nozel acting resentful to her as his way of protecting her from both harm and the truth behind the death of their mother Acier.

While Noelle used a wand as a means to cope with this magic, she learns that she has been unconsciously holding herself back out of fear of hurting anyone.

Eventually, her training and the positive feedback from her new friends in the Black Bulls allow her to overcome that flaw, displaying her full potential when fighting the elf Kevin and gains the ability to create water-based armor that increases her offense and defense. N

Black Clover Season 1 Side Characters:

  • Clover Kingdom Characters:

Wizard King Black Clover Season 1:

  • Lumiere Silvamillion Clover (ルミエル・シルヴァミリオン・クローバRumieru Shiruvamirion Kurōbā)
  • Julius Novachrono (ユリウス・ノヴァクロノYuriusu Novakurono)

Wizard King Advisors Black Clover Season 1:

  • Marx Francois (マルクス・フランソワMarukusu Furansowa)
  • Owen (オーヴェンŌven)

House of Kira Black Clover Season 1:

One of the three royal houses alongside Houses Vermilion and Silva, House Kira (キーラ家Kira-ke)’s lineage dates back to the foundation of the Clover Kingdom and genocide of the Elves.

  • Augustus Kira Clover XIII (アウグストゥス・キーラ・クローバー13世Augusutusu Kīra Kurōbā 13-sei)
  • Damnatio Kira (ダムナティオ・キーラ)

Black Bull Squad Black Clover Season 1:

  • Yami Sukehiro (ヤミ・スケヒロYami Sukehiro)
  • Finral Roulacase (フィンラル・ルーラケイスFinraru Rūrakeisu)
  • Magna Swing (マグナ・スウィングMaguna Suwingu)
  • Luck Voltia (ラック・ボルティアRakku Borutia)
  • Gauche Adlai (ゴーシュ・アドレイGōshu Adorei)
  • Charmy Pappitson (チャーミー・パピットソンChāmī Papittoson)
  • Vanessa Enoteca (バネッサ・エノテーカBanessa Enotēka)
  • Grey (グレイGurei)
  • Gordon Agrippa (ゴードン・アグリッパGōdon Agurippa)
  • Zora Ideale (ゾラ・イデアーレZora Ideāre)
  • Henry Legolant (ヘンリー・レゴラントHenrī Regoranto)
  • Secre Swallowtail (セクレ・スワロティルSekure Suwarotiru)
  • Nacht Faust (ナハト・ファウストNahato Fausuto)

Golden Dawn Squad Black Clover Season 1:

The Golden Dawn (金色の夜明けKonjiki no Yoake) are the strongest order of Magic Knights, at least according to Wizard King Julius’ “Star” System of rankings. The selection of most of its members is later revealed to have been part of Patry’s plan as the majority of them are reincarnated elves.

  • William Vangeance (ウィリアム・ヴァンジャンスWiriamu Vanjansu)
  • Langris Vaude (ランギルス・ヴォードRangirusu Vōdo)
  • Klaus Lunettes (クラウス・リュネットKurausu Ryunettos)
  • Mimosa Vermillion (ミモザ・ヴァーミリオンMimoza Vāmirion)
  • Alecdora Sandler (アレクドラ・サンドラーArekudora Sandorā)
  • Hamon Caseus (ハモン・カーセウスHamon Kāseusu)

Crimson Lion Kings Squad Black Clover Season 1:

The Crimson Lion (紅蓮の獅子王Guren no Shinshio) are a Magic Knight Squad with close ties to House Vermillion (ヴァーミリオン家Vāmirion-ke), whose lineage dates back to the foundation of the Clover Kingdom and genocide of the Elves. One branch of the family’s siblings is known for their red hair, desire for strength, and skill in Fire Magic. The other branch is known for its orange hair, conflicting personalities, and skill in nature-based magic.

  • Fuegoleon Vermillion (フエゴレオン・ヴァーミリオンFuegoreon Vāmirion)
  • Leopold Vermillion (レオポルド・ヴァーミリオンReoporudo Vāmirion)
  • Mereoleona Vermillion (メレオレオナ・ヴァーミリオンMereoreona Vāmirion)

Silver Eagles Squad Black Clover Season 1:

The Silver Eagles (銀翼の大鷲Gin’yoku no Ōwashi) are a Magic Knight Squad with close ties to House Silva (シルヴァ家Shiruva-ke), whose lineage dates back to the foundation of the Clover Kingdom and genocide of the Elves. The family is known for their silver hair, often arrogant personalities, and skill in water-based magic and steel-based magic.

  • Nozel Silva (ノゼル・シルヴァNozeru Shiruva)
  • Nebra Silva (ネブラ・シルヴァNebura Shiruva)
  • Solid Silva (ソリド・シルヴァSorido Shiruva)

Green Praying Mantises Squad Black Clover Season 1:

  • Jack the Ripper (ジャック・ザ・リッパーJakku Za Rippā)
  • Sekke Bronzazza (セッケ・ブロンザッザSekke Buronzazza)
  • En Ringard (エン・リンガードEn Ringādo)

Blue Rose Knights Squad Black Clover Season 1:

An all-female squad built on the principle that women are superior to men in power.

  • Charlotte Roselei (シャルロット・ローズレイSharurotto Rōzurei)
  • Sol Marron (ソル・マロンSoru Maron)

Purple Orcas Squad Black Clover Season 1:

  • Gueldre Poizot (ゲルドル・ポイゾットGerudoru Poizotto)
  • Kaiser Granvorka (カイゼル・グランボルカKaizeru Guranboruka)
  • Revchi Salik (レブチ・サリークRebuchi Sarīku)
  • Xerx Lugner (ザクス・リューグナーZakusu Ryūgunā)

Aqua Deer Squad Black Clover Season 1:

  • Rill Boismortier (リル・ボワモルティエRiru Bowamorutie)
  • Dorothy Unsworth (ドロシー・アンズワースDoroshī Anzuwāsu)
  • Kirsch Vermillion (キルシュ・ヴァーミリオンKirushu Vāmirion)

The Underwater Temple Black Clover Season 1:

The Underwater Temple is an area under the ocean, in a strong magic region, where the mana force fields are so strong, that the currents prevent even upper-class mages from entering. As such, not many people visit the area, and the people there are very excited to see people from above water. The inhabitants have an alternate appearance as sea creatures. The temple is said to hold one of the magic stones, which are being collected by the Eye of the Midnight Sun, and the Wizard King sends the Black Bulls to retrieve it.

  • The temple’s High Priest, Gifso (ジフソJifuso)
  • Son of the High Priest, Gio (ジオJio)
  • Grandson of the High Priest and Kahono’s older brother. Kiato (キアトKiato)
  • Kahono (カホノKahono)

Forest of Witches Black Clover Season 1:

A neutral zone between the Diamond Kingdom and the Clover Kingdom, the Forest of Witches (魔女の森Majo no Mori) is home to an all-female population who use special magic like curses and familiars. Witches are allowed to visit the other kingdoms, but must only live in the forest, or they become criminals. Vanessa Enoteca, Dominante Code, Dorothy Unsworth, and Catherine are from the forest before they fled from the country as fugitives.

  • The Witch Queen (魔女王Majo-ō)

Heart Kingdom Black Clover Season 1:

The Heart Kingdom (ハート王国Hāto Ōkoku) is a nation south of the Clover Kingdom whose people adapted to the country’s strong natural mana to create unique magic and use a ranking system with Stage Zero at the top.

  • Lolopechka (ロロペチカRoropechika) is the current Queen of the Heart Kingdom.
  • Gadjah (ガジャGaja) is one of the Heart Kingdoms Spirit Guardians.

Antagonists Black Clover Season 1:

  • The Eye of the Midnight Sun (白夜の魔眼Byakuya no Magan)
  • Patry (パトリPatori)
  • Heath Grice (ヒース・グライスHīsu Guraisu)
  • Valtos (ヴァルトスVarutosu)
  • Rades Spirito (ラデス・スピーリトRadesu Supīrito)
  • Sally (サリーSarī)
  • Catherine (キャサリンスKyasarin)

Third Eye Black Clover Season 1:

While initially presented as the Midnight Sun’s strongest members, they are revealed to be humans possessed by three members of the Apostles of Sephira.

  • Rhya (ライアRaia)
  • Vetto (ヴェットVetto)
  • Fana (ファナFana)

Diamond Kingdom Black Clover Season 1:

A rival kingdom, the Diamond Kingdom (ダイヤモンド王国Daiyamondo Ōkoku) is a land ruled by a despotic Magic Scholar named Morris, who controls the king and conduct experiments on children like Mars to create soldiers and bolster his country’s military might.

  • Morris Libardirt (モリス・リバルダートMorisu Ribarudāto)
  • Lotus Whomalt (ロータス・フーモルトRōtasu Fūmoruto)
  • Mars (マルスMarusu)
  • Ladros (ラドロスRadorosu)
  • Broccos (ブロッコスBurokkosu)
  • Ragus (ラガスRagusu)
  • Yagos (ヤーゴスYāgosu)

Spade Kingdom Black Clover Season 1:

A kingdom located west of the Clover Kingdom, the Spade Kingdom (スペード王国Supēdo Ōkoku) is a wintry country whose mages derive their magic from the demons.

Dark Triad

  • Dante Zogratis (ダ ン テ・ゾグラティスDante Zoguratisu)
  • Zenon Zogratis (ゼノン・ゾグラティスZenon Zoguratisu)
  • Vanica Zogratis (ヴ ァ ニ カ・ゾグラティスVanika Zoguratisu)

Dark Disciples

  • Gaderois Godroc (ガデロア・ゴドロックGaderoa Godorokku)
  • Foyal Migusteau (フォヤル・ミグストーFoyaru Migusutō)
  • Svenkin Gatard (スヴェンキン・ガタードSuvenkin Gatādo)
  • Sivoir Snyle (シーヴワル・スナイルShīvuwaru Sunairu)
  • Halbet Chevour (ハールベート・シュヴールHārubēto Shuvūru)
  • Hischer Ongg (ヒッシャー・オングHisshā Ongu)
  • Robero Ringert (ロベロ・リンゲルトRobero Ringeruto)


  • Liebe (リーベRībe)
  • Zagred (ザグレドZaguredo)
  • Megicula (メギキュラMegikyura)
  • Lucifero (ルチフェロRuchifero)
  • Beelzebub (ベルゼブブBeruzebubu)
  • Lilith (リリスRirisu) and Naamah (ナハマーNahamā)
  • Gimodelo (ギモデロGimodero), Slotos (スロトスSurotosu), Plumede (プルメデPurumede) and Walgner (ワルグナWaruguna)

Black Clover Season 1 Review:

Mar 30, 2021
Marinate1016 (All reviews)

No long-running show and fanbase have got as much disrespect as Black Clover(ok, Boruto probably has got more). Yet, the fans have stuck by it for years and as Black Clover’s story continues to surpass its limits, their loyalty is finally paying off.

Black Clover is a show that is in many ways the literal embodiment of its protagonist’s struggle. Asta goes from being the laughingstock of town to the literal savior of the kingdom. During that internal journey, we also watched the anime gradually evolve and get better as time went on. Production qualities seemingly increased as the popularity increased as well.

Asta’s journey is extremely satisfying and well written. It’s done so well in fact, that it feels like we’ve been on this journey right with Asta. Everyone loves a feel-good underdog story. There’s been no bigger underdog than Black Clover.

For me, the mark of a well-written series is how well you’re able to immerse yourself and truly feel a part of the story. When I first got into Black Clover a couple of years ago, I was easily able to binge the first 99 episodes which were out up to that point in the span of a few days. Episodes went by in what felt like a breeze.

I found myself in awe at the quality of writing and the magical concepts used. For the life of me, I couldn’t understand why so many people shit on the series or rated it lowly.

I’ve said numerous times that if Black Clover went seasonal, it would be one of the highest-rated Jump Series. The story is better than MHA and JJK. What has unfortunately been the big bump in the road for BC is the inconsistent production quality throughout. At points, Pierrot has literally had to beg on Twitter for people to help out with episodes.

Fortunately, the series is going on hiatus due to how close it’s getting to the manga, and I really hope Pierrot uses this opportunity to make it a seasonal show after the movie. The long-running anime model is dead and doesn’t give animation staff the time they need to make high-quality episodes.

If you’re on the fence about watching Black Clover, do it. Yes, it has some inconsistent animation at times, but the story is genuinely the best in shonen. Loveable characters, an immersive world, and amazing action sequences make Black Clover one of the only ongoing shonen that I enjoy. Black Clover gets 10 grimoires out of 10.

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