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Fall 2019

My-Hero-Academia-4 -official-cover-photo

My Hero Academia Season 4

25 episodes · TV Completed My Hero Academia Season 4, 僕のヒーローアカデミア

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the official Cover of the Anime My Hero Academia Season 4

My Hero Academia Season 4 (Boku No Hero Academia Season 4) this season picks up where the My Hero Academia Season 3 ended, with the introduction of The Big 3 (ビッグスリー ) and with the Hero Work-Studies program being extended to the first years.

The Big 3 My Hero Academia Season 4 (Boku No Hero Academia Season 4) , represents the top hero candidates in all of Japan. Mirio TogataTamaki Amajiki, and Nejire Hado. These students did not rank well in their previous U.A. Sports Festival, and their strange personalities leave a strong impression on most people.

However, each member of the trio possesses an extremely powerful and versatile Quirk and has worked hard to master them in order to become the three very best students at U.A. High.

During their senior year, The Big 3  Nejire and Tamaki were the first to gain recognition throughout Japan. Mirio was the last of the three to be recognized as a top hero candidate, and this is the trio known as The Big 3 of U.A. High School.

The Big 3 of My Hero Academia Season 4  is first introduced to Class 1-A by Shota Aizawa following the second term orientation. The Class 1-A is mentioned first time in the 4th episode of the 1st season My Hero Academia.

The Big 3 are brought in at the end of the My Hero Academia Season 3 to explain the Hero Work-Studies that students participate in on their own merit. Meanwhile, the villains also prepare their next steps. Mirio decides to teach Class 1-A through experience and fights almost the entire class by himself. Mirio dominates them and explains how the Hero Work-Studies helped him improve to become the best student at U.A. High.


Before watching My Hero Academia Season 4 Here is The Synopsis:

Following these events of the 3rd Season My Hero Academia, My Hero Academia Season 4 (Boku No Hero Academia Season 4) U.A. High School has its annual U.A. School Festival which is planned to be interrupted by an infamous duo – Danjuro Tobita and Manami Aiba.

My Hero Academia Season 4 begins after All Might announces his retirement, freelance reporter Taneo Tokuda goes to the dorms to investigate and interview the U.A. Class 1-A for the newspaper.

Shota Aizawa explains to his students that Nezu granted permission for the interview thinking it would be good for their parents and guardians to see them all living happily in the dorms. He records Class 1-A’s daily lives and reviews their Quirks.

Analyzing the message of All Might after his fight against One For All, he thinks that it is not a warning to other villains, as everyone believes. He believes that All Might’s last words are actually a message towards a student of the U.A. which he has chosen as his successor, telling him that it’s his turn to take up his mantle. After he’s finished, he narrows down the possible candidates for All Might’s successor to just Izuku Midoriya.

Determined to participate in Hero Work-Studies of My Hero Academia Season 4, Izuku calls Gran Torino to see if he’ll take him in. Gran Torino acts senile like he doesn’t remember Izuku at first, and then calls him the useless successor. Izuku replies that he wants to be a useless successor who needs to live up to All Might.

Gran Torino can’t take him on because he’s busy working with the police. He tells the young Izuku to ask All Might to introduce him to his old sidekick, Sir Nighteye. The villain known as Overhaul meets with Shigaraki in order to propose an alliance that ends badly for the two sides. Meanwhile, Izuku continues to think about where he wants to intern and gets a tip from Togata.

Izuku battles Sir Nighteye so he can do his work study at Nighteye’s agency, but Nighteye has someone else in mind to be All Might’s successor. Izuku returns to Heights Alliance and tells his friends that he was accepted into the Nighteye Agency to take part in the Work-Studies. His classmates congratulate him, although Izuku doesn’t tell them that the real reason why Sir Nighteye just took him.

My Hero Academia Season 4 Izuku’s first day on patrol takes a shocking turn where he meets Chisaki and a mysterious girl. Later, he decides to confront All Might about the truth surrounding One for All’s successor. All Might told Sir Nighteye about passing on his powers to Izuku, which generated more of a rift between them.

Foresight has never been wrong, but even still, All Might accepted his fate. He believed his time had come during their battle with All For One. Elsewhere, in the Shie Hassaikai Compound, Tomura Shigaraki arrives and a black communion begins.

Pro heroes from all across the country meet up at My Hero Academia Season 4 to discuss the situation with the Shie Hassaikai, including the U.A students. The discussion takes a shocking turn when a horrible truth is revealed about the girl named Eri.

To save Eri and to stop the machinations of the Hassaikai Group, the pro heroes prepare to mount an all out attack on the bad guys’ stronghold. Deku and Togata steel themselves for the battle ahead. Meanwhile, Overhaul and Chrono prepare the Eight Bullets to hold off the heroes until they can escape with Eri and their research.

In the present of My Hero Academia Season 4, Mr. BraveKesagiri Man, and the other minor heroes help the police hold off the massive group of Yakuza thugs resisting them. Sir Nighteye leads the others inside the hideout and Eraser Head explains the extreme loyalty between members of the Yakuza.

The Shie Hassaikai is going all out to stop the heroes, and Suneater volunteers to take out the first batch of Eight Bullets members in their way.  As the fight with the Shie Hassaikai continues, Kirishima has to face his past when he and Fat Gum get separated from the others.

Still fused with the walls and floors, Irinaka continues to separate the heroes and police attacking the Hassaikai. Toga and Twice continue to assist the yakuza as part of a deal with Shigaraki, however, Twice and Toga betray the Shie Hassasaki meanwhile Mirio finally catches up to Overhaul and Chrono.

In My Hero Academia Season 4 Izuku, Eraser Head, and Sir Nighteye finally reach the area where Chisaki and the others are and find Togata past his limit. Despite their efforts, Overhaul has only grown stronger. Nighteye and Mirio are too injured to continue fighting. Aizawa has been incapacitated by Chrono. The raid team is in shambles, with few left standing.

But Eri is crying, and this time, Deku will not let go. As the heroes deal with the aftermath of the fight with the Shie Hassaikai, the vehicle transporting Chisaki has an encounter with the League of Villains. However, the fight with the Shie Hassaikai has ended and we were able to change the future. But it wasn’t completely over yet. As we overcome, with grief at the loss of Sir Nighteye, the league of Villains started to move towards a new stage.

The children of My Hero Academia Season 4Masegaki Municipal Elementary School attack KatsukiInasaShoto, and Camie with a variety of Quirks. Despite the rough attack, Katsuki, Shoto, and Inasa used their Quirks to defend themselves and are unscathed. The children are surprised that they are not scared of their Quirks, but after a few words from the smart introverted child that acts as the ringleader, they try again.

Camie joins the provisional license training course and is added to the team working with the kids from Masegaki. Meanwhile, Endeavor has a serious talk with All Might. The trainees bond with the precocious Masegaki kids and life at U.A. goes back to normal as autumn approaches, but Aoyama has been acting strangely.

As the students of U.A at My Hero Academia Season 4 prepare for their school festival, Deku and Togata visit Eri in the hospital. Meanwhile, a new villain named Gentle Criminal begins his reign of crime. As the date of the school festival draws nearer, Deku and the rest of Class 1-A decide who is going to do what in order to put on the greatest school festival ever. The day of the festival is at hand and Class 1-A is ready. As they relax on the night before, Gentle Criminal hatches his plan to infiltrate the festival, starting with a very special tea.

While getting something for the festival at My Hero Academia Season 4 , Deku runs into Gentle Criminal. Learning that he plans to infiltrate the festival, Deku begins to fight the mysterious villain and his partner La Brava. Deku scrambles to stop Gentle Criminal from infiltrating U.A’s school festival using his Shoot Style technique. As La Brava uses her Quirk to power up Gentle, his resolve hardens as he fights against Deku.

My Hero Academia Season 4  Izuku rushes back to the school festival after his encounter with Gentleman and La Brava, but will he make it in time for his performance? The U.A. School Festival is an annual event held by U.A. High School where students from all grades and courses can de-stress by participating in spectacles of different themes. There are exhibits, performances, spectacles, food stands, etc.

In My Hero Academia Season 4 One of the best-known events is the Beauty Pageant. Although the Festival is organized mainly for the students to blow off steam and have fun, it also offers the opportunity for many students to make themselves known, especially to those who are not from the hero course. It doesn’t get the same level of attention as the Sport Festival, but for them, it’s an event they all look forward to.

At the end of the My Hero Academia Season 4 middle schooler Izuku Midoriya dreams of being a Hero despite his lack of superpowers known as “Quirks,” but a famous Hero changes his fate. Endeavor and Hawks continue to battle the mysterious Nomu enemy that attacked them. As they scramble to stop the villain and save the people, the whole world watches what the new “Symbol of Peace” is capable of.


Official trailer of the anime My Hero Academia Season 4:

My Hero Academia Season 4 Reviews:

Zuto Mar 21, 2020The first part gave me chills, I couldn’t watch the first part while it was airing due to my exams but now when I started watching, I found it interesting and sat continuously watching because there was nothing to get bored of. The first part went great with the introduction of new dope characters (Including both Heroes and Villians) epic fights, good dialogues, good story, and everything was perfect I give 5/5 for the first part.

The second part of season 4 is all about the school day. So here is the part where most of the viewers found it kinda boring, I purely agree with them. As they all find it is for kid viewers but for me it brought back my memories of school festivals, it was so much fun.Ep23, Eri was able to laugh finally which is gonna bring a great impact in the future may be as Mirio said he would ask Eri to bring his quirk back and All might would recover too. I think it’s okay. I give 3/5 for part 2

Edit: The finale of season 4 ended very beautifully with Endeavour as a new Symbol of Peace. I’m sure this was a bridge for Endeavour on reaching the top. <3 Can’t wait to see our new Symbol of Peace in action

KoudaApr 4, 2020
The last reviews were so negative, that I just had to write something as well.I really enjoy this show, no matter what season and the way they get you emotionally stirred up so many times is just something that many other anime series struggle with to achieve even once.
The first part you the season was epic as always and I must admit, that the second half starts off slow and more like ‘slice of life’, but the last two episodes! In my opinion you should never write a review before finishing a show (except if you want to explain why you dropped it). I will just say, that I probably would’ve rated the anime a little worse as well, if I hadn’t watched the show to the end.

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