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Summer 2020


Watch Deca-Dence full episodes for FREE

12 episodes · TV Completed デカダンス

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Deca-Dence anime Story:

Air pollution hit lethal levels in the latter portion of the 2400s. They were also threatened by the advent of life forms known as Gadoll, which caused the destruction of 90% of the world’s population, as mankind rushed towards extinction.
Huge companies created cyborgs to perform human functions, but gradually the cyborgs started to outnumber people and gained the rights to manage humanity from the Solid Quake Corporation.

On the Eurasian continent, the company built a giant dome in which they constructed a colossal entertainment facility named Deca-dence.

With its own all-governing independent structure to make all decisions. Without the possibility of actual harm, the cyborg people could then safely experience adventure as human avatars at Deca-dence.

To make all decisions in its own autonomous all-governing scheme. Then cyborg people at Deca-dence could safely experience adventure as human avatars without the possibility of serious injury.

Deca-Dence characters:

  • Natsume (ナツメ)
  • Kaburagi (カブラギ)
  • Fei (フェイ)
  • Fennel (フェンネル, Fenneru)
  • Linmei (リンメイ, Rinmei)
  • Kurenai (クレナイ)
  • Hugin (フギン)
  • Munin (ムニン)
  • Minato (ミナト)
  • Donatello (ドナテロ, Donatero)
  • Jill (ジル, Jiru)
  • Sarkozy (サルコジ, Sarukoji)
  • Turkey (ターキー, Tākī)
  • Mikey (マイキー, Maikī)
  • Gadoll (ガドル, Gadoru)


Kaburagi and Natsume certainly RISE UP to the challenge of being this season’s top duo, and although they face stiff competition from other popular sequel series;

I would say these 2 are definitely among the best this season. The absolute chemistry between Kaburagi and Natsume, the amount of times he shuts her down and the amount of times Natsume defies his expectations and shocks him has been great.

Natsume eventually has to come to the realization that her world is manufactured, and this leads to a huge change in perspective that can normally ruin a show;

however it was handled with tact and her perspective change felt natural. Natsume specifically realizing that her journey towards wiping out the Gadoll wasn’t a means to an end, but that she really just wanted to become stronger and more confident through her journey was a great revelation that was foreshadowed throughout the series.

Kaburagi eventually betraying the system was also built up well, cameos of him working with Natsume over a long period of time, his prior friend who was deemed a bug like Natsume being scrapped and him living with the guilt, his keeping of a pet Gadoll despite the rules.

Overall both characters have a lot of growth in this series, and it’s hard to claim the show has a primary protagonist, both characters are excellently developed and their motivations and changes in perspective were well written, enough that it never felt like their decisions were sudden impulsive out of character moments.

Deca-Dence anime episodes review:

As an anime original series, where to watch deca dence with this many plot points thrown in in the first few episodes, there was concern that the show would not be paced properly with the limited episodes.

In hindsight the concerns were not necessary, the show was paced very quickly but it did not feel rush, time on screen was never wasted, and overall the series came to a satisfactory ending.

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