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Shaman King 2021
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Shaman King 2021

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SHAMAN KING, シャーマンキング
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Synopsis Shaman King 2021

Shaman King follows the adventures of a 13-year-old shaman and his teammate a samurai warrior spirit, who traverses the world fighting evil spirits and misguided shamans on their journey to be the next Shaman King. Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021 ( SHAMAN KINGD 2021 (TV), シャーマンキング) anime 2021 all full episodes for free in high-quality streaming.

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Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021


Before watching Shaman King 202, here is everything you need to know:

The Shaman King 2021 anime series (stylized as SHAMAN KING, シャーマンキング) is based on the manga series of the same name written and illustrated by Hiroyuki Takei. At Otakon 2015, former Madhouse president and then MAPPA president, Masao Maruyama, expressed his desire to work on a reboot of Shaman King.

In February 2017, while answering a fan’s question, Takei revealed on his official Twitter that he received an offer for an anime reboot of Shaman King, but he turned the offer down because he was told that the new anime would not be able to use the first anime’s voice actors and soundtrack music, although Takei hoped for another chance in the future. In June 2020, a new anime television series was announced that would adapt the 35 volumes of the new complete manga edition.

The anime is produced by Bridge and directed by Joji Furuta, with series composition by Shōji Yonemura, character designs by Satohiko Sano, and music composed by Yuki Hayashi. It premiered on April 1, 2021, on TV Tokyo and various other TX Network stations.

The series features returning cast members from the 2001 anime series in both the Japanese version and the English dub, confirmed through leaks. The series will consist of 52 episodes released on four Blu-ray Disc boxes, each with 13 episodes: with the first two scheduled for a release on August 25 and November 24, 2021, respectively and the last two set for release on February 23 and May 25, 2022.

As with the 2001 anime series, Megumi Hayashibara performs the opening and ending theme songs in the 2021 series. The opening theme is “Soul salvation” and the ending theme is “#Boku no Yubisaki” (#ボクノユビサキ, “My Fingertip”), both performed by Hayashibara. The second opening theme is “Get up! Shout!” by Nana Mizuki, and the second ending theme is “Adieu” by Yui Horie. The third ending theme is “Hazuki” by Saji.

Shaman King 2021 Synopsis:

On a starry night, middle-schooler Manta meets Yoh Asakura, a young shaman who has the ability to talk to spirits and also has the ability to let them possess him to use their powers. Yoh has a heavy-duty on his shoulders: he must become the Shaman King by winning the Shaman Fight, a tournament between shamans that happens only once every 500 years. Joined by his spirit medium fiancée Anna Kyōyama, his personal samurai spirit Amidamaru, and his other friends, Yoh must also face a larger evil: Hao, a powerful man who aims to create a new world with only shamans by becoming the Shaman King himself.

Another synopsis of Shaman King 2021:

A battle is about to begin in Tokyo: the Shaman Fight, a tournament held every five hundred years where shamans—those who can command spirits—confront each other in combat. The victor of this contest becomes the Shaman King and the only one who is able to contact and control the Great Spirit, allowing them to reshape the world as they please through its immense power.

During a late-night walk, Manta Oyamada runs into his classmate, the carefree You Asakura, who invites him to come stargazing with some friends, who, to Manta’s horror, turn out to be ghosts from a local cemetery!

However, the knowledge that Manta possesses—a rare sixth sense that allows Manta to see these spirits—endears the boy to You. So when You finds out that his new comrade has been beaten up by a local gang, he decides to avenge him with the help of Amidamaru, a samurai ghost whose tomb was broken by the gang leader. Soon Manta uncovers more about the world of spirits, including the Shaman Fight, in which his new friend You aims to claim victory.

Opening Theme of Shaman King 2021:

#1: “Soul salvation” by Megumi Hayashibara
#2: “Get up! Shout!” by Nana Mizuki

Ending Theme of Shaman King 2021:

#1: “#Boku no Yubisaki (#僕の指先)” by Megumi Hayashibara (eps 1-13)
#2: “Adieu” by Yui Horie (eps 14-)
#3: “Hazuki (ハヅキ)” by Saji

Official Website of the anime Shaman King 2021:

TVアニメ『SHAMAN KING』公式サイト (Japanese)

Staff from anime series Shaman King 2021:

  • Original Work: Hiroyuki Takei
  • Direction: Jouji Furuta
  • Series Composition: Shouji Yonemura
  • Character Design: Toshihiko Sano
  • Music: Yûki Hayashi
  • Animation Work: Bridge


Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021 – Official Poster 2

Character from tv series Shaman King 2021:

Shaman King 2021 Main Characters:

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021 – Asakura Yoh (麻倉 葉 Asakura Yō)

  • Yoh Asakura (麻倉 葉)

Asakura Yoh (麻倉 葉 Asakura Yō) is the main protagonist in the manga and anime series of Shaman King 2021. He is the main heir of the Asakura Family and the maternal twin brother of the series main antagonist Asakura Hao. During the Shaman Fights in the year 2000, he becomes a member and the leader of Team “Funbari Onsen”. Sometime after the tournament, Yoh marries his longtime fiancé, Kyōyama Anna and together they had a son, named Asakura Hana.

Asakura Yoh is 13 years old at the beginning of the Shaman King series and a normal teenage boy. He has neck-length dark brown hair and he is constantly seen wearing a pair of orange headphones behind or on his ears. He normally wears his school uniform with his shirt constantly open but when it gets cold he will button up his shirt, wear a necktie and the standard school uniform jacket.

  • Hao Asakura (朝倉ハオ)

Asakura Hao (麻倉ハオ , Zeke Asakura in the English version of the 2001 anime and games) is the main antagonist in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. He was born Asaha Doji (麻葉童子 Asaha Dōji) in Japan during the Heian era and, after rising to prominence as an Onmyōji, was renamed Asakura Hao (麻倉葉王). During his third life, he was reborn as the twin brother of his descendant Asakura Yoh. He is the most powerful shaman in the entirety of the series and the current Shaman King 2021.

Being Yoh’s older twin brother and ancestor, Hao is very identical to Yoh in many ways physically, as they both have dark brown hair and brown eyes. Differing from his younger twin, Hao’s hair is much longer in length, reaching past his waist. He often wears a pale yellow poncho cloak that covers only his upper body, while wearing nothing beneath.

  • Anna Asakura (麻倉アンナ)

Asakura Anna (麻倉アンナ), née Kyōyama (恐山), is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. She is the fiancée—and later wife—of Asakura Yoh and is a second-generation Itako. Aggressive and decisive, Anna is a pragmatic person who appears cold and harsh. However, she has shown that she genuinely cares for those important to her, and is truly in love with Yoh.

She is extremely dedicated to being “The Ultimate Shaman Queen” and the wife to Yoh, the first friend that she ever had. She firmly believes that Yoh is destined to become the Shaman King, and believes her duty as his fiancée is training him extensively for it.

  • Tao Ren (道蓮)

Tao Ren (道蓮タオ レン Tao Ren, Chinese pinyin: Dào LiánLen Tao in the English version and English video games) is a fictional character in the manga and anime series of Shaman King. Ren is the 43rd head of the Tao Family, and during the Shaman Fights, he was a member of Team “The Ren”. Sometime after the tournament, Ren married Iron Maiden Jeanne and together they had a son, named Tao Men.

  • Amidamaru (阿弥陀丸)

Samurai that died during the Muromachi period 600 years ago—now is Yoh’s ghost companion. He is very powerful and wise but quite taciturn and extremely devoted to “Lord Yoh” (“Yō-dono” in Japanese). He was greatly known around the town of Funbari, where he had died 600 years prior after killing several hundred other samurai soldiers during a battle.

He is the original handler of the legendary sword named “Harusame,” meaning “Spring Rain,” a sword forged by his best friend, Mosuke, who also appeared in the anime/manga as a spirit. This very same sword was reproduced as a “spirit sword” and used by Asakura Yoh during the Shaman Fight. The original was kept in a museum. His name is based on the Buddha Amitabha, the principal figure in the Pure Land Buddhist sect.

  • Manta Oyamada (小山田まん太)

An intelligent but worrisome teen who always carries a “dictionary/encyclopedia/compendium of all human knowledge”, and has a sixth sense, meaning he can see supernatural beings, even though he is not a Shaman. He is very expressive and a bit panicky. His rather abnormal height has gotten him into trouble numerous times, once having been mistaken for one of the shy nature spirits, and being cut open and used as a hostage of sorts during You Asakura’s match with Faust VIII.

In the anime, during the final battle with Hao, he actually becomes a Shaman and is able to merge with a spirit. His weapon is a hammer and his unofficial guardian ghost is Mosuke, the best friend of Amidamaru who forged his sword, the Harusame. After that episode in the anime, Manta is able to junction spirits to his laptop.

Shaman King 2021 Side Characters:

  • Johann Faust VIII (ファウストⅧ世)

  • Horokeu Usui (碓氷 ホロケウ)

  • Ryuunosuke Umemiya (梅宮 竜之介)

  • Lyserg Diethel (リゼルグ・ダイゼル)

Shaman King 2021

Shaman King 2021

The new cast members include: (Left column, top to bottom)

(Right column, top to bottom)

Watch a video of funny moments of anime Shaman King 2021:

Interesting facts about the anime Shaman King 2021:

  • Unlike the first loose anime adaptation, this anime strictly follows its manga canon and was outlined by the creator himself.
  • The kanji for Yoh’s name 葉 means “leaf” in Japanese.
  • Yoh´s name translates to “Leaf King”. The kanji that makes up the “Ha” portion of his name is also the same kanji that made up of Yoh’s name, and the “o” portion is a Japanese honorific, usually indicating that the person is of very high status
  • According to Marco Lasso, over 80% of the contestants in the Shaman Tournament are related to Hao in some way.
  • His orange-colored headphones were actually “stolen” or at least, taken without permission from his father, Asakura Mikihisa. In addition, the Soul Bob records were initially Mikihisa’s and Yoh took them along with the headphones.
  • In the English anime series, Anna Asakura says “I can read your mind!” hinting that she did not lose her ability to perform Reishi. This might however also be untrue as the English dub of the anime is known to contain many canonical errors.
  • The wedding anniversary of Anna and Yoh is March 20.
  • This will be the second anime adaptation of the “Shaman King” manga.

Reviews of the anime series Shaman King 2021:

1.Review of Shaman King 2021

Jun 10, 2021
ShamanStando (All reviews)

Unpopular opinion, but this is the anime of the year for me. It. Is. Amazing.

Shaman King 2021 is a masterpiece with loveable characters and new takes on classic tropes. Every character (with a few exceptions) has their own fleshed-out goals and motives, making you get invested in each and every one. When someone has a tragic backstory, it’s not just tacked on for extra drama, it adds nuance to their actions and helps define their ambition. This series also starts off light-hearted but gradually gets darker, kinda like Hunter x Hunter.

The power system, summoning ghosts and channeling their power into things with one’s own spiritual energy, is very unique (ik a lot of people have been comparing them to JoJo stands, but more on that later) and makes the fight scenes and superpowers interesting. However, due to the series’ focus on stuff like characters’ philosophies and the true nature of goals, there’s a lot of talking during the fights, so if you’re looking for a series with high-action non-stop fights this one might not be for you.

As for the soundtrack and voice acting, both of them are just… BEAUTIFUL! They managed to bring back a lot of the 2001 adaptation’s legendary voice cast and songs and added some new equally boppin ones as well.

The animation/art style, while nowhere near the level of *insert whatever shonen is popular nowadays*, is very smooth imo. They managed to get a perfect bridge (ba dum tss) between the style of 2001 and fairly modern production values. Call me a boomer, but I’m a sucker for retro animation, so this was a very nice surprise for me.

While I personally don’t have any problems with this show, I’ll address the pacing because I know this puts a lot of people off it. Some episodes go through a LOT of manga chapters, so some stuff might not hit as hard as it should, but bear in mind this is a remake. Both Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood and Hunter x Hunter did the same but slowed down when they reached the part of the manga which their predecessors didn’t adapt. And the recent episodes of Shaman King 2021 have been getting a less choppy pace, so it’s clear they’re going for the same thing here.

Overall, Shaman King 2021 is a gift from the Great Spirit. Pompadours off to Hiroyuki Takei and Studio Bridge!

TLDR: If you want high-budget action, skip this. If you can’t be bothered to wait for a series to get better as it builds up, also skip this. Otherwise, do yourself a favor and check it out!

Also to anyone calling it “JoJo for kids” because of the power system, you’re laughably wrong (this is coming from a guy whose #1 anime is JoJo and #2 is Shaman King). Ghosts are their own separate characters rather than just a projection of the user’s spirit, and they’re used in a completely different way in fights. It’s like calling Hunter x Hunter “Naruto for kids” because their characters both fight with innate energy or Spider-Man “Batman for kids” because they both hide their identity with a mask.

2.Review of Shaman King 2021
Jun 18, 2021
Bushogoma (All reviews)

As a background: the original shaman king was a huge part of my childhood, even before I was aware of anime. I used to watch it in primary school with my classmates. I re-watched it a few months before the 2021 version aired so I think I can make a fair comparison. I will not give any spoilers in this review.

I actually like this version a lot. It has faster pacing but in a good way. It has a more modern, fresh shonen vibe to it. The characters also have stronger personalities and their reasons to fight are highlighted more than in the original.

So the story up until now was within the expectations. I look forward to seeing how they will adapt some arcs later in the story. Fingers crossed

The art is very good. It kept the important aspects of the old shaman king while giving it a contemporary and fresh vibe. The animation is very good, however, I can still spot some scenes where the animators were a bit lazy. That said, it doesn’t ruin the mood though.
The sound is ok. I am not a huge fan of the anime themes (with some exceptions like Mirai Nikki, golden wind, and bleach), but the opening song is pretty nice

The characters are a forte. They were done very well in this version. Their reasons and backstories seem more clear and they have more potential for development if you look past the superficial tsundere personality of half of the characters (which I think it’s a nice touch).
I genuinely enjoy this show and I always look forward to the next episode. The fights are well done, and usually, there’s at least one per episode.
I will update the review as the anime Shaman King 2021 progresses!Story of Shaman King 2021: 7
Art of Shaman King 2021: 8
Sound of Shaman King 2021: 8
Characters of Shaman King 2021: 9
Enjoyment of Shaman King 2021: 9
Overall of Shaman King 2021: 8

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