Slow Loop 2022
Slow Loop 2022
Rating 7.29

Slow Loop 2022

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Slow Loop, スローループ
Status: Ongoing Studio: Released: 2022 Duration: 24 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 12 Fansub: anime1st Censor: Censored Posted by: micho Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Slow Loop 2022

After teaching a girl named Koharu how to fish, Hiyori comes to a startling realization: Her new friend is about to become family. Slow Loop 2022

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Slow Loop 2022

Slow Loop 2022 2022


Slow Loop 2022 2022 Synopsis

When Hiyori⁠—a young girl whose deceased father taught her the joys of fishing⁠—headed out to sea for some alone time, she never thought that she would encounter another girl there.

After a while, this girl⁠—named Koharu ends up fishing and cooking together, and they get to know each other a bit in the meantime. During their brief time together Koharu finds out that the reason Hiyori went out to sea that day was that she’s hesitant towards meeting her new stepfamily that same evening. But what a coincidence! Koharu is also meeting her new family tonight! “No. It can’t be a coincidence…” Follow these two ‘sisters’ and their new life together!

Reviews Slow Loop 2022

Jan 25, 2022
TheRockzSG (All reviews)
Slow Loop 2022 is a CGDCT (Cute Girl Doing Cute Things) SoL (Slice of Life) Anime. Where it follows Hiyori, Koharu, and friends in their everyday life

[ Slow Loop 2022 Story, 6/10]
At the time of writing this review, the anime is still airing so this may not include the story/plot that happens after Episode 3.
Plot-wise it looks like a normal SoL with a little to no plot and with some character development.

[Slow Loop 2022 Art, 8/10]
The characters are extremely cute and quite detailed. The background and animation are quite well done.
There is some part that this anime did quite well:

1. The fishing animation is quite well done.
2. The part where they process the fish is detailed and realistic.
3. The anime changes its style to chibi-style during Koharu’s Cooking Time.

[Slow Loop 2022 Sound, 8/10]
The VA did a good job matching the character in the anime and no one feels out of place, and the music used in the show captures the atmosphere of the show. The OP and ED of the show are good.

[Slow Loop 2022 Characters, 8/10]
At the time of writing, only the first 3 episode is available. Hence I will be writing this part based on the character that is present in the first 3 episodes.
Around half of the first episode, I noticed that the main cast is extremely similar to GochiUsa. I will not elaborate further but viewers who watched both Anime will understand what I mean.

Koharu is extroverted who is relatively hyperactive. She is also extremely friendly and seems to be able to make friends with ease. Hiyori is the other end is an introvert who is quite shy and reserved. With these 2 extreme personalities clashing with each other, I am looking forward to seeing how their relationship develops.

[Slow Loop 2022Enjoyment, 9/10]
If you are like me who loves SoL, this anime will be extremely enjoyable for you. It is relatively light-hearted and laid back while slowly spoon-feeding you facts and tips of fishing. At some parts, the show is quite funny but most of the time it is very wholesome.

[Slow Loop 2022 Overall, 8/10]
Overall, I will give this Anime an 8. It is an above-average CGDCT SoL Anime. It is very good, but not amazing. If you want an Anime to relax in, this is the perfect anime for you.

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