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Sonny Boy 2021
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Sonny Boy 2021

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Sonny Boy
Status: Completed Network: , , , , Studio: Released: 2021 Duration: 24 min. per ep. Season: Country: Type: TV Episodes: 12 Fansub: anime1st Censor: Censored Director: Casts: , , , , Posted by: micho Released on: Updated on:
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Synopsis Sonny Boy 2021

A group of students on summer vacation finds themselves transported to another dimension and granted superpowers to survive there. Sonny Boy (サニーボーイ) anime 2021 all full episodes for free in high-quality streaming.

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Sonny Boy 2021

Sonny Boy 2021

Sonny Boy 2021

Sonny Boy is an original Japanese anime television series animated by Madhouse and written and directed by Shingo Natsume. The series premiered in July 2021.

Production and Release of Sonny Boy 2021:

The anime television series was announced on April 28, 2021. The series is written and directed by Shingo Natsume, with original character designs provided by Hisashi Eguchi and Norifumi Kugai adapting the designs for animation. The series premiered on July 16, 2021, on Tokyo MX and other channels. Ging Nang Boyz performed the series’ theme song “Shōnen Shōjo”. The first episode was given an early premiere on June 19, 2021.  Medialink licensed the series in South and Southeast Asia and is streaming it on their YouTube channel.

Introduction of Sonny Boy:

Sonny Boy is a science-fiction ensemble drama centers around 36 boys and girls. On August 16, midway through seemingly endless summer vacation, middle school third-year student Nagara, the mysterious transfer student Nozomi, and classmates such as Mizuho and Asakaze, are suddenly transported from their tranquil daily lives to a school adrift in an alternate dimension. They must survive with the superpowers that have awakened within them.

Before watching Sonny Boy, here is the synopsis:

Thirty-six students find themselves and their school building suddenly adrift in a void-like dimension. When supernatural powers awaken in some of them, a sense of detachment begins to divide the group. Despite the student council’s attempts to impose order, they clash with the students possessing special abilities, who rebel against their strict control.

This conflict leads them to discover that this world has its own set of rules—and following them is necessary for survival. After one of the students decides to take a leap of faith, the school switches dimensions once again. While they deal with the unique challenges and circumstances that each world presents, the students must unravel the mysterious phenomenon and find a way back home.


Sonny Boy 2021

Cover Picture of Sonny Boy



Characters of the anime Sonny Boy:

Sonny Boy 2021

Main Characters of Sonny Boy

The anime Sonny Boy stars:

Aoi Ichikawa as Nagara, the protagonist
Saori Ōnishi as Nozomi, a transfer student who just returned to Japan from Berlin
Aoi Yūki as Mizuho, a classmate who is always surrounded by the three cats who were dear to her grandmother
Chiaki Kobayashi as Asakaze, a rebellious classmate who hates being ordered around

Main Characters of Sonny Boy:

  • Mizuho (瑞穂)

Mizuho is one of the main characters in Sonny Boy series. Mizuho has a self-paced and moody personality and is isolated without actively trying to interact with others. She is a third-year junior high school student, who always carries a tote bag with her three cats: Tora, Gen, and Sakura, which were her grandmother’s treasured possessions. Mizuho’s personality is fast-paced and moody, and honest. She does not actively get involved with the people around her and is isolated.

  • Nagara (長良)

Nagara is one of the main characters in Sonny Boy series. Nagara is a third-year high school student who is tired of his surroundings and feels like giving up on life. He doesn’t communicate well with his family and keeps a distance from the students around him, looking at others in a cold manner. It is unknown at this time what kind of ability he had revealed when he was drifting.

  • Nozomi (希)

Nozomi is one of the main characters in Sonny Boy series. She has a strong will to never bend, no matter how difficult the situation. She has the ability of a “compass” that allows her to see a light that indicates one point wherever she is.

  • Asakaze (朝風)

Asakaze (朝風) is a supporting character in Sonny Boy series. Asakaze has a rebellious personality and does not like to be told what to do. When he was caught adrift, he violently rebelled against the student council, which was trying to control the students, and caused a commotion.

Side Characters of Sonny Boy:

The official website for director Shingo Natsume (One-Punch ManACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.Space Dandy) and Madhouse‘s original science-fiction survival television anime Sonny Boy announced six more cast members on Thursday. The newly announced cast members are (from left to right, and then top to bottom in the image below):

  • Hiroki Gotō as Rajdhani, who has the “Pocket Computer” power to project a program onto the real world
  • Ami Naitō as Hoshi, who has the “Hope” power to transform an image into reality
  • Hana Sato as Pony, who has the “Switch” power to replace anything she touches
  • Yōji Ueda as Cap, who has the “All-Purpose Clubhouse” power to create various objects by concentrating in a room with no one else
  • Shōta Yamamoto as Hayato, who has the “ET” power to illuminate his finger and use it as a light
  • Kana Ogino as Shanghai, who has the “Electric Shock” power to control electromagnetic power

The four previously announced cast members will appear during a July 8 television special, which will show the first part of the anime’s first episode.

Sonny Boy 2021

Side Characters of Sonny Boy

Official website of Sonny Boy:

The staff of Sonny Boy:

Natsume conceived the story and is directing and writing the anime at MadhouseNorifumi Kugai (ACCA: 13-Territory Inspection Dept.) is handling the anime characters’ designs based on the original designs by manga artist and illustrator Hisashi Euguchi (Perfect BlueRoujin Z, Eiji, Stop! Hibari-kunMujin Wakusei Survive).

Studio Pablo‘s Mari Fujino (Dororo) is directing the art, and Ken Hashimoto is the color key artist. Akane Fushihara is serving as the compositing director of photography, and Kashiko Kimura is editing. Shōji Hata is directing the sound.

Music of Sonny Boy:

Ging Nang BOYZ rock band vocalist and guitarist Kazunobu Mineta wrote the theme song “Shōnen Shōjo” (Boys and Girls) specifically for the anime.

The anime’s website announced the tracks on the two-volume soundtrack which includes the musical artist’s Sunset Rollercoaster (top center in the image below), VIDEOTAPEMUSIC (center), The Natsuyasumi Band (center right), mitsume (top right), Ogawa & Tokoro (top left), Mid-Air Thief, Kaneyorimasaru (center left), toe (bottom left), and Conisch (bottom right) are contributing songs made exclusively for this anime.

Conisch in particular is working on the piano background music. Anime director Shinichiro Watanabe (Cowboy BebopMacross PlusKids on the SlopeSpace DandyCarole & Tuesday) is serving as the anime’s musical advisor.

Watch a Fan-made Video about all in the details so far on Sonny Boy:

Interesting facts about Sonny Boy Series:

  • Nagara develops a power that currently has no official name, but has been described as “Warp” or “Escape” by other characters. Uses of this power include: Creating This Worlds with various sizes, rules, and clear conditions, Warping himself and others to previously created This Worlds randomly, Choosing who moves with him when warping to other This Worlds
  • Nozomi has developed a “compass” that allows her to see a light where portals to other “This Worlds” can be opened. She believes that these points if reached will bring the class home.
  • Mizuho has developed a superpower called “Nyamazon”, which allows cats to bring her whatever she wants.
  • On Nozomi’s first day, Nagara witnesses her tearing up a textbook on the roof.
  • Asakaze has developed a superpower called “Slow Light,” which allows him to control space itself. Uses of this power include
    • Manipulation of gravity
    • Folding of space
    • Flight, with and without others
    • Creation of “gravity pools” (black pools which keep This Worlds from sinking)
    • Folding space between This Worlds
  • Hoshi is one of the members of the Student Council alongside Pony and Cap.
  • Rajdhani has the power of a “Pocket Computer” by which he can design a program in the real world.
  • Hoshi’s ability, called “Hope”, allows him to “materialize images”, which apparently means planting realistic visions in other people’s heads. Whenever he utilizes this, his hands clasp together as if he is praying. He typically uses this ability to ensure the other students’ compliance, by showing them macabre scenes (such as imagery of dead students and destruction) to illustrate what would happen if they don’t cooperate.

Reviews of anime Sonny Boy:

1. Review of anime Sonny Boy: 
Aug 5, 2021
mbartelsm (All reviews)

Sonny boy is a borderline surrealist psychological character drama that follows a group of school students who’ve been trapped in a series of alternate dimensions that do not quite follow the rules of our universe as we know them (some would call it an isekai, but it really shares very little with the genre). We follow those students as the situation they are in forces them to confront their inner struggles.

This anime is not for everyone, it is a show that will demand a certain level of attention and thinking for the audience to really enjoy it, so many dismiss it as “pretentious” or “artsy” out of spite.

On a technical level, the show is simple but impressive. It is obvious that the director has a very clear picture of what he wants and how to achieve it.

Art: 10/10

Sonny boy stands out first and foremost because of its art direction. Backgrounds are crisp and colourful; characters are detailed and evocative; animation is complex and fluid. The aesthetic of the series is reminiscent of old-school anime, but colour and composition are unlike most you’ll see out there.

Sound 9/10

The sound direction is simple but effective. Background music is used very sparingly, giving the show an overall real feeling, while highlighting the key moments that do have music. Sound design is clear and crisp as, without music, the series relies on good quality sound effects.

Acting 8/10

I don’t speak Japanese, so take this one with a grain of salt. Being almost entirely dialogue-driven, the series has a great cast able to make even drawn-out monologues captivating and full of emotion.

Story ???/10

It’s hard to judge the story as of yet as the show seems to be building towards something but it’s not quite clear what, yet.

In general, it is a character drama about human nature. Each episode deals with a problem that the characters face thanks to the situation they’ve been put in. However, these problems that are addressed are always a reflection of who the characters are at their core. It uses the plot as a tool to inspect human behavior.

Enjoyment ???/10

As I mentioned in the beginning, this show can be hit or miss depending on what you hope to get out of it. It requires that the audience takes their time to think about the message and morals that each episode touches on. This is not the kind of show that you watch for simple entertainment, it’s gonna bore you if that’s the case.

2. Review of anime Sonny Boy: 
Aug 5, 2021
MangaZed (All reviews)

TLDR: This show is strange and slow. However, the slowness comes from minimalism. The story of Sonny Boy is complicated yet minimalistic, so are the characters, audio, and art style. To me, this adds to the immersion. I am enjoying this heavily, it is very chilled out so I would only watch this on a nice evening with a cup of tea just before I go to bed.

This show is weird, not Sarazanmai weird, but more Ping Pong animation – Mononoke – Yojouhan Shinwa Taikei weird. If that puts you off there is no reason to watch Sonny Boy. Very few things that happen make inherent sense, the characters and their actions don’t always make sense, events that are happening don’t make sense. And yet just like House Of Cubes, it still grabs your attention and you can’t help but start to care.

Sonny Boy is a seven because it is strange and doesn’t make sense, however, that is purposefully done, the problem is that sometimes I am unable to follow even that little bit of what is being explained. But it is still enough to pull you forward and gladly interests you in what is to come.

Art is of low resolution, just like Mushoku Tensei you see the pixels, however, it can be incredibly detailed. Similar to Ping Pong or Tower of God the weird art style fits this strange story perfectly, weird long necks like Ballroom e Youkoso, but when they zoom in or when a scene is shown that isn’t a normal scene, i.e. not something like a tree that you have seen before. The creativity is clearly shown and the art style is really intriguing.

There is a little sound, which is a good thing. When they are standing on the beach all you hear is the sand/the ocean and the characters talking but it sounds as if you are right there, the little music is also relaxing. The minimalistic audio is great very immersing.

The characters are either typical tropes that aren’t clear yet or they are all boring characters. The main characters aren’t anything special either, although to me this adds to the immersion in the sense of most people aren’t anything special, so that is still a wait and see until now the characters are simple but they don’t all feel as useless background characters well most don’t anyway.

I love it, I gotta say I started watching this at random but the relaxing, simple, but strange story intrigued me and I enjoy just watching them in their strange world trying to figure it out. Sonny Boy is extremely chilled out, do keep that in mind.

3. Review of anime Sonny Boy: 

How was the first episode?

Caitlin Moore
Rating: 4/5

I’m not entirely sure what to make of Sonny Boy based on the first episode. This original work, animated at Madhouse and written and directed by Shingo Natsume, takes obvious influence from classics like The Drifting Classroom and Lord of the Flies. It melds and merges these concepts into a single idea: what if a school and 36 of its students were suddenly transported into a black void with no way to contact the outside world, and at the same time, they started to develop strange powers?

Their responses are as varied as they are themselves. Many of the characters’ personalities are already coming through loud and clear, though how they’re coping with their sudden displacement in spacetime, how they interact with others, and even their body language.

Their powers are often strange, never settling for the classics like telekinesis or flight; instead, they’re things like receiving interdimensional Amazon deliveries. Even if the main components of the story are already well-established, Natsume finds space within them to be creative and unsettling.

Natsume’s directorial choices add to the strange atmosphere and its sense of simultaneous mystery and stagnation. The character designs shift and warp, moving deliberately off-model in ways that made me wonder if this was a Yuasa anime before remembering that I already knew who directed it. The complete lack of background music – and I do mean complete since there isn’t a single note of it – adds to the unnerving sense that they truly are alone in the void, and everything they knew about society is breaking down.

If nothing else, the first episode of Sonny Boy works as a twenty-minute mood piece. It’ll be interesting to see the direction the narrative takes because I can sense in a very real way that there’s a greater theme about society

4. Review of anime Sonny Boy: 

Nicholas Dupree
Rating: 2,5/5

This premiere, more than just about anything else this season, left me frustrated. On paper, there are a lot of interesting things going for Sonny BoyShingo Natsume is a unique and confident director, working with an original concept and utilizing a decidedly atypical visual style. The concept of a classroom of students trying to survive and cooperate in such a strange, out-there scenario has a lot of potentials. And yet I can’t help but feel like this first episode is a letdown.

A big part of that is the story presentation. While lots of potentially interesting character beats and stories are set up in this premiere, I’ve so far been given little reason to care about any of it. The episode is so busy establishing its concept and skipping through the immediate Lord of the Flies-style power struggle that follows that we never really get to know any of our major characters.

We’re granted tidbits of characterization that could maybe lead to something engaging, but between our enigmatic heroine Nozomi and our blank-faced male lead Nagara, I could maybe shake out half a paragraph about who they are or what they want or how they feel about anything that happens in this episode.

The climax is also obviously meant to raise eyebrows and have us asking questions about just what is going on, but without an emotional anchor it just comes off as a shrug before cutting to credits.

I also have a personal problem with the way this episode uses music – in that it doesn’t. There’s not a single piece of music save for the credits theme, and the lack of a credited music composer has me pretty worried that that’ll be the norm for this series.

That’s not great, because while eschewing non-diegetic sound can be a creative or bold approach, it made a lot of this premiere’s tension fall flat. In a story like this, the atmosphere is everything, and the visuals alone just aren’t enough to make teenagers listlessly talking in classrooms against a pure black backdrop interesting to follow, which is 90% of this opening episode.

It also has the effect of making every scene feel longer and duller than it’s meant to and is probably what soured me the most on this one. So yeah, pretty frustrating. There’s still plenty of room for Sonny Boy to build into something worthy of actual interest instead of vague curiosity, and I’ll be watching more if only because of how weak this season is, but I feel safe calling this premiere a disappointment.

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